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My buddy

Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good man David is traveling for work again this week, so The Boy and I are on our own. He’s my buddy. My buddy. Everywhere I go, he goes. My buddy.


We have the same haircut.

On Sunday, we went for a hike through Glen Park Canyon with good buddy Kate and her dog, Foxie, who is Calvin’s favorite. I made the mistake of mentioning on Saturday that we would be seeing Foxie on Sunday. I spent the rest of Saturday explaining he was seeing Foxie on Sunday. It was pretty much this.

We had a good time on the hike. Glen Park Canyon is really great. The trail is as easy or complicated as you choose to make it. Sometimes, Calvin chooses to make it complicated.


Photo by good buddy Kate

On Monday, with my babysitter husband out of town, I had to bring Calvin with me to my hair appointment. Every six or seven weeks I get my hair cut and colored with my sister Michelle, my niece Lorelei and one of my oldest friends Amanda. After our appointment, we go out to dinner, where I usually drink too much wine, and then drunken snap selfies of my new ‘do while I ride home on BART. It’s the best.

Hanging out a hair salon with a bunch of chicks isn’t exactly Calvin’s idea of a good time, but he made the best of it.

After being such a good sport at the hair salon, he was rewarded with a milkshake, or as he likes to say, “I’m drinking ice cream.” Plus, he got to hang out with Lorelei, and that’s pretty rad.




I’m trying to braver about taking Calvin to restaurants. I get so worried about ruining people’s meals if he starts acting out. By “acting out” I mean he won’t sit down. He starts wandering the restaurant and even tries to go into the kitchen because he knows there’s something cool to watch going on back there. He’s not wrong. This time, he was pretty good. We sat outside, but there were ceiling fans inside. OMG CEILING FANS, you guys! He spent most of his time watching the fans through the window like a little creeper. I’m sure the patrons didn’t mind. “Why is that kid watching me eat?”

Peeping Calvin.

Peeping Calvin.

We have also been watching “Finding Nemo” together. It’s such a good movie – waaay better than “Finding Dory.” (I reviewed “Finding Dory” on Dorking Out – you should listen). He randomly says, “Shark bait. Oooh ha ha! He even loves the end credits song, which is “Beyond The Sea” by Robbie Williams. It has replaced the “Cars” soundtrack as his go-to music while driving to and from school. I’m not mad about it. I kinda like it. I’m just stoked he’s not into Justin Bieber or country music.

When David travels I also like to bake a treat with Calvin. He’s getting really good at stirring everything together … and licking the spoon. This time we made peanut butter cookies from a vegan cookbook. Sadly, they didn’t turn out as good as I hoped, but they were still pretty OK. Calvin didn’t have any complaints.


We are downright giddy that David comes home this afternoon. I’m not just excited because that means we can finish watching “Stranger Things.” I really miss him when he is gone, and I know Calvin does, too.






Dorking Out Episode 5: Star Trek Beyond, Stranger Things and movie trailers

Yeah, so, in this week’s episode of Dorking Out With Chris and Sonia, we review “Star Trek Beyond.”

I freely admit that I’m not a trekkie. I’m more “Star Wars” than “Star Trek.” However, my mighty, mighty good man David is more “Star Trek” so you could say that I married into Trekkdom. Did I like the movie? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out.

Yanked from Star Trek Memes

Yanked from Star Trek Memes

We also review the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” We’re pretty good at avoiding spoilers, so if you haven’t watched and you’re curious, or if you haven’t finished watching it yet, you can still listen.

The last topic of the show is an expanded version of our favorite headlines. Smith has a lot of thoughts and feelings about the new ship for the new “Star Trek” series that was unveiled at Comic-Con. Plus, we chat about “Making a Murderer,” since Netflix has ordered more episodes.

We also released our first-ever Special Bulletin episode, which you can listen to riiight here. These extra Dorking Out episodes are going to be occasional short, hot takes on topics that we’ve decided just can’t wait until the next episode. In this episode we’re talking about the cool, new trailers that debuted at Comic-Con last week, including “Wonder Woman,” “Justice League,” “Kong: Skull Island,” “Doctor Stranger,” “King Arthur,” “The Lego Batman Movie,” “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them,” “Star Trek: Discovery” and FX’s new series, “Legion.”

You can listen to our show on our website, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

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We got dressed up and went to a wedding

Yeah, so, last week my mighty, mighty good man David and I went to Joe and Megan’s wedding in Columbia.

Joe is one of David’s oldest friends. They are practically brothers, and David has always thought of Joe’s family as, well, family. Joe was the officiant at our wedding. See?


It was time for David to return the favor. David did an awesome job, because he’s an awesome guy. He opened the ceremony with the opening lines of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” because it’s so rad. “Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word ‘life.'”


The officiant of this wedding is hot! I mean, he’s good looking, but also, he’s hot. It was like 100 degrees that day.

It was a great weekend. We got to visit with friends that we haven’t seen in a while. Plus, we had a reason to get dressed up all fancy and shit, and we love that. There was drinking and dancing – all good things.


We’re so fancy.

We had a wonderful weekend in gold rush country. We didn’t pan for gold. I guess we were feeling lucky; however we did ride shotgun on a stagecoach. #humblebrag


We didn’t bring mighty, mighty good boy Calvin to the wedding. I asked him if he wanted to go.

Me: “Do you want to go to a wedding where you have to sit still and be quiet, or do you want to go swimming with Grandma?”

Calvin: “Go swimming with Grandma.”




Dorking Out Episode 4: Ghostbusters review

Yeah, so, we ain’t afraid of no ghostbros. Smith and I review the new “Ghostbusters” movie. Did it ruined our childhood? You’ll have to listen to find out.


We also talk about last week’s Emmy nominations. Plus, Smith reviews “The Fifty-Year Mission,” which is an oral history of “Star Trek.” Oh, and long-time good buddy Aaron explains Pokemon Go to us.

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Dorking Out Episode 3: ‘The Night Of,’ Captain Kirk v Jesus and more

Yeah, so, our new episode of “Dorking Out with Chris & Sonia” is out there. I think it’s a pretty fun one.

We talk about the lineup of Pixar sequels and the rough draft of the “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” script in which Captain Kirk fights Jesus. Plus, we review HBO’s “The Night Of,” and Smith brings people together by reminding us how everyone hates “Batman & Robin.”


You can listen to our podcast on,or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

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Vacation days

Yeah, so, last week The Boy’s preschool was closed so I took the week off from work so we could hang out and do a bunch of fun shit.

On the Fourth of July we went hiking through Glen Park Canyon. We have lived in Glen Park for five years, and we had never hiked through Glen Park Canyon. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with us. Calvin and I actually did the hike the day before with good buddy Kate and her dog, Foxie. Then the next day, my mighty, mighty good man David, Calvin and I did the hike. We didn’t bring our dog, Homer, because he is an old man who sadly can’t even walk to our mailbox without needing a break.


After our hike, we went home and barbecued with TCM on in the background. Calvin helped me bake a birthday cake for America. We didn’t bother dealing with the crowds to see fireworks at the Embarcadero, because – as is San Francisco’s way – there was a ton of fog. Luckily, our place is up a hill so we get a pretty nice view of fireworks (mostly illegal ones, I assume) happening all over the city – plus the ones in Oakland and Alameda. #humblebrag


The next day, we drove to Concord to see family. You know, it’s actually summer in the East Bay. It’s in the 80s and 90s there, unlike here where it’s been in the 50s and 60s. True story.

San Francisco: It's July, and we're wearing sweaters.

San Francisco: It’s July, and we’re wearing sweaters.

The Boy and I spent the day feeding and chasing the ducks and geese at Willow Pass Park – mainly chasing them. Then we went to my parents’ house and they filled up Calvin’s little plastic pool.


On Wednesday, I took Calvin to get a much-needed haircut. I really put it off as long as I could, because it’s always so emotionally draining. He cries and cries, and I try to distract him with videos on my phone, etc. I think I have even broken out into a song and dance number. The nice lady trying to cut his hair is like a ninja, dodging and weaving and cutting hair.

Anyway, it needed to happen, so without calling first and making an appointment, I drove to Laurel Heights to our regular haircutting spot. However, once we got there I discovered they had moved to Berkeley like a lot of other businesses in San Francisco that can’t afford the skyrocketing rents.

I walked into another nearby salon, and they recommended Prep, which was just a few blocks away. The nice receptionist told me that they usually require appointments, but today was my lucky day. The stylist got Calvin to sit in the chair and asked, “Would you like to watch Curious George on the iPad?”

WHHHHAAATTT?! That’s his favorite show ever.

He said yes, and he sat in the chair smiling while she cut his hair.

“After you’re finished, you can have a bag of popcorn,” she said.

WTF?!?! Popcorn is his favorite snack.

It’s like this place was made for Calvin, and for the first time ever, we had a stress-free haircut. It’s the best haircut he’s ever had. He looks so goddamn handsome, if I don’t say so myself.


After his successful haircut, we went to the movies to see “Finding Dory.” He was really good. He sat through the entire movie, even though I could tell he was kinda bored for some of it. He was really into the third act, and I told the story (and reviewed the movie) on this week’s “Dorking Out” podcast. You should listen. I will share that my favorite part of the movie were the sea lions.


So, Calvin was pretty indifferent to “Finding Dory,” but now he is loving “Finding Nemo,” which is fine by me. It’s a wonderful movie.


On Thursday, the weather is SF was still drab and cold, so we went to the Peek-A-Boo Factory in West Portal. I let The Boy run around like a crazy person until my parking meter ran out. He had such a good time that David brought him back there on Friday afternoon, so I could record the latest episode of “Dorking Out.”

My sister and her family went to Disneyland this past weekend, and she was nice enough to offer their house in Pleasant Hill to us for a little weekend adventure – a kind of free AirBnB. We spent the afternoon lounging in the backyard in a hammock, drinking beer while Calvin ran through the sprinklers.



In the evening, David’s mother came over, and we ordered Zachary’s Pizza. They have a vegan deep dish pizza that is THE BEST. And the next morning, we hung out on the patio and drank our morning coffee while our kid ran around the backyard. Backyards are awesome. We need to get one of those.

Calvin and I had such an awesome week together. I was so bummed to be back to work today, which was filled with Skype meeting after Skype meeting (boring!), and I was just missing him terribly. We hugged extra long at pickup this evening.

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Dorking Out Episode 2: We talk shit about America and more

Yeah, so, episode 2 of “Dorking Out with Chris & Sonia” is out there, and it’s waaaay better than the other thing titled “Episode 2.” Oh, “Attack Of The Clones,” you’re the worst.

So anyway, we jammed a lot of fun stuff in this week’s podcast. The podcast actually dropped on the Fourth of July, so Smith and I shared our favorite movies about America. Spoiler alert! “Independence Day” is not on the list. Neither is “Independence Day: Resurgence.”


We also share our favorite, and least favorite, Steven Spielberg movies. My picks are probably not a surprise to anyone, but Smith’s picks probably are. He also reviews “The BFG.” I’ll let you guess where that movie falls on his list.

We introduce a new segment, “You’re Dead To Me,” in which we get to talk about shit we hate. The perfect forum for me to talk about how much I fuckin’ hate “Meet The Parents,” its awful sequels and, well, movies like “Meet The Parents.”

All that, plus headline news, and somewhere in this podcast, Smith calls me a hipster, which is an insult to hipsters.

You can find our podcast riiiight here, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube. We’re everywhere!

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F Breast Cancer: F This Movie’s 18-Hour Podcast-A-Thon

Yeah, so, when I was dealing with my breast cancer surgeries and chemotherapy last year, one of the things that really helped me get through it was F This Movie.

F This Movie is a podcast in which host Patrick Bromley and one of the writers from, including Adam Riske, Health Holland, Doug Schultz, JB, Melissa Uhrin, Adam Thas, Michael Pomero, and Bromley’s wife, Erika, talk about movies. They are not movie snobs, though. It’s kinda like listening to your friends talk about movies, but smarter.

I listened to it while driving to and from the hospital. I listened to it in the waiting room while I waited for countless appointments. I listened to it while I got poked with needles and underwent many minor procedures. I listened to it when I was hospitalized for three days with a neutropenic fever. I listened to it while laying around on the couch after my mastectomy, my reconstruction surgery and chemotherapy appointments.


Here’s me listening to F This Movie last year while I’m waiting for my MRI.

I’m cancer free now, but I still listen to F This Movie every week. It’s my favorite podcast.

Without knowing it, F This Movie played a really important part in my breast cancer recovery. It kept me distracted when I needed it, which is why it’s so important for me to promote their fundraising event this Saturday.

F This Movie is holding an 18-hour podcast-a-thon on Saturday, July 9. It’s a fundraiser for The Magnolia Tree Foundation, a charity started by a friend of Bromley’s who passed away from breast cancer this year.

If you get a chance, you should listen. As someone who just started podcasting recently, I am in awe of an 18-hour podcast. Even if you can’t listen, I strongly encourage you to donate.

Click here to learn all the details about F Breast Cancer! Because, seriously, fuck breast cancer.

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I hear the secrets that he keeps when Calvin is talking in his sleep

Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good man David has been traveling this week for work.

The Boy and I really miss him when he gone. He travels once a month for almost a week at a time, so Calvin and I have a routine pretty locked down at this point.

I pick him up at preschool, and I remind him that’s it’s just me, him and Homer the dog tonight, because daddy is working. We go home. We make dinner. We watch some TV. Sometimes I bake cookies, but most of the time we pop popcorn. He takes a bath. I make him watch baseball. He goes to bed. I watch depressing documentaries on Netflix. However, this week I started HBO’s new downer miniseries ‘The Night Of.” It’s pretty good, you guys. You should watch it so we can talk about it.

One of the things I like to do for Calvin when David travels is I let Calvin sleep in our bed. It’s a special, little treat for him. He loves it. I’m not going to lie to you: I like it, too. When David is away, every little noise freaks me out and keeps me awake. Having Calvin and Homer in the same room with me makes me feel better.

So anyway, very, very early this morning I woke up to the sound of Calvin talking in his sleep.

“No. … No, thank you. … No, thank you.”

Awww. He’s so polite when he sleeps.


Mommy’s little feminist: This shirt is from Feminist Apparel, because I know you’re going to ask.

Another thing I like to do while David is away is I like to send him a sexy video like this and write, “Thinking of you.”

I’m so good at sexting. David is a lucky man.



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Dorking Out Episode 1: It’s Official

Yeah, so, put your pencils down. Test time is over. “Dorking Out With Chris & Sonia” launched its official first episode.


So, what are we talking about this week? Well, does this answer your question?


We talk about that amazingly epic finale of “Game Of Thrones.” I couldn’t wait to talk about it. The final two episodes of the sixth season were goddamn masterful. I was so impressed. I’m not going to go on and on here. You should listen to the podcast to hear me gush about how much I love this show.

We also talk about movie trailers, specifically what we want from our movie trailers. There are a lot of really bad movie trailers out there. Ahem. I’m looking at you, “Star Trek Beyond.”

And then we wrap it all up with a fun discussion about bad movies we love, which gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about my love of “Grease 2.” I’m not joking.

I also reveal the fact that I have become a “Phantom Menace” apologist. Meanwhile, Smith declares his love for “Independence Day,” plus a slew of other terrible movies. (“Pearl Harbor?!” Really?!)

So, yeah, you can listen to the podcast at, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.


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