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Let’s get random: Deadbeat Dad Day, baseball games and ‘Top Chef’

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Yeah, so, random thoughts time.

Michelle and the baby came home last night. To celebrate, my mom cooked up a batch of the family favorite, Chicken Marengo, at Michelle and Tony’s place. During dinner, Michelle said that Lorelei is going to be spending Father’s Day with her dad. When she said that, my head felt like it was going to explode with jokes, but I couldn’t make any of them because Lorelei was at the table. Seriously, I had to put my head down and had breathe through it to keep myself from saying anything.

“What does he have planned? Is he going to take her to the park so she can see what good dads are like?”

“When is Deadbeat Father’s Day?”

“What do you get a deadbeat dad for Father’s Day? You send him an envelope, but when he opens it, it’s empty?”

Good god, I hate that man.

He had the nerve to tell Michelle that she turned her entire family against him. Ummm, you did that yourself, Captain Jackass. Hey, remember when you came to my house and threatened to kick my ass? Seriously, the guy has brain damage or something.

So, good buddy Holly and her jerkstore of a man broke up again. This time for good. A gaggle of us ladies are going to take her out on Friday night and feed her some drinks. I feel bad for her. I don’t wish a broken heart on anyone … Well, maybe Captain Jackass and that jerkstore of a man Holly broke up with.

Saturday, we’ve got a big group going to the Giants vs. A’s game at Phone Company Park. I’m really excited about that! I love going to baseball games. Super fun.

So, were their people out there who didn’t know Queen Latifah is gay? I just saw a headline that she is planning to marry her long-time girlfriend and people seemed surprised by this news.

I love the “Top Chef” finale last night. I was so pleased Stephanie won. I was starting to get concerned that grouchy Lisa might win. I was surprised she even made it to the final three. I like Richard a lot, too, but Stephanie’s food seems like something I would actually eat, while Richard’s is too clever to eat.

I also watched “So You Think You Can Dance” last night, after much encouragement from . He’s right. It’s a very entertaining show. I wish I could dance like that. Maybe I should take some dance classes … says …
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