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Won’t someone think about the children?


"Hi, I'm a QB and a DB."

Yeah, so, CBS has agreed to air one of those “Won’t someone think about the children” organization’s pro-life ads starring some football player named Tim Tebow, but rejected a gay dating site’s ad, and everyone is all upset saying this is an example of conservative bias.

Eh, what do you expect from the network that thinks “Two Half and a Men” is funny? Seriously, this is the network that made a sitcom based on a commercial with a talking baby. I bet if CBS called the commercial “CSI: Pro-Life” or “NCIS: Focus on the Family” people couldn’t wait to watch it.

Also, there’s also some debate over how accurate the story is in the ad. The commercial, which tells the story about how Tim Tebow’s mom decided not to get an abortion and her son grew up to be a “famous” football player, is most likely full of lies, but anyway …

I was reading about the ad and something kinda stood out:

“The 30-second ad is expected to recount the story of Tim’s mother, Pam Tebow, who defied doctors’ recommendations to abort her fifth child — the Heisman Trophy-winning Tim — and instead gave birth while in the Philippines.”

Sounds kinda pro-choice to me. How nice that Tim Tebow’s mom had a choice! Imagine a world where women have a choice … Oh wait, we supposedly live in one.


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3 thoughts on “Won’t someone think about the children?

  1. HA HA! I nearly blew snot when I read your photo caption. Made my night.

  2. I’m glad you liked it. I think that guy, and his mom, should shut their yappers. Oh great, now I’m going to hell.

  3. “Sounds kinda pro-choice to me. How nice that Tim Tebow’s mom had a choice! Imagine a world where women have a choice … Oh wait, we supposedly live in one.”

    Exactly!!! – These people are the biggest DBs out there. Do they really think they can sway people from the other side? its kind of a cut and dry issue. you’re either for or against it. not a whole flip flopper middle out there on this one. But run your silly little ad that does nothing but prove your opposition’s point. F’in DBs.

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