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‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is stupid


"I'm a quirky, annoying twit, but you still love me, don't you, Hannibal from 'A-Team'?"

Yeah, so, I don’t like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” There. I said it.

I know there are some women out there that will hate me for this, but “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is just not very good. Sure, Audrey Hepburn looks amazing in it, and, sure, “Moon River” is a catchy tune, but the movie is not great.

First of all, Mickey Rooney plays an Asian man it is. Come on! Who thought that was a good idea? Very offensive!

Mickey Rooney plays an Asian man? That's hilariously offensive!

Also, Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly is, well, a quirky, annoying twit. Perhaps she is the basis for most romantic comedy heroines: “I’m a quirky, annoying twit, but somewhere out there is man who will love me for my quirky, annoying twit-ness.” (I just described the plot to every romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock.)

David, good buddy Kate and I were watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” last night, and I was struck by how annoying Holly is. If I knew her in real life, I wouldn’t want to know her. I would unfollow her on Twitter. I would unfriend her on Facebook.

Not only is she annoying as hell, she’s weird, too. At one point, she tells her hunky neighborhood played by that guy from “The A-Team” that he looks like her brother. “You remind me on my brother, Fred. Can I call you Fred?” Then she crawls in bed with him. Ummm, weird. Then she calls him Fred throughout the movie, even though she’s romantically involved with him. Ummm, gross.

What am I missing? Why do people love the movie so much? Is it just that Audrey Hepburn is such a fashion icon in it? Should I read the Truman Capote novella on which the movie based? I’m really at a loss here.


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34 thoughts on “‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is stupid

  1. Oh man, you kicked Miss Congeniality while she is down!

  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was my college roommate’s favorite movie. When I finally sat down to watch it with her, I was nervous about telling her I thought it was shite — mostly for the same reasons you just listed. “Free spirit” does not always mean lovable.

  3. I didn’t mean to kick Sandra Bullock while she is down. I love Sandra Bullock, but she has made some bad romantic comedies.

    Jennifer, you have it exactly right: Free spirit does not always mean lovable.

  4. I don’t recommend the novella either. Maybe I just didn’t get it. The only Capote I can recommend is In Cold Blood, which stared the late John Forsythe. The rest of Capote’s work doesn’t seem to hold up well with the passage of time.

    Yeah, I found her annoying too, attractive as she was. Again, maybe I just didn’t get it. But Mickey Roony as an Asian man? Bad form indeed.

  5. The Andy Rooney bit has always appalled me, but I did still enjoy the movie, mainly for some very witty writing/dialogue. I think Holly is meant to be touching because we’re meant to see the desperation, fear and denial underneath her act, the way that the love interest does. So it plays into that fantasy about finding someone who really understands you and sees through your bullshit.
    It falls into that genre of movies about silly, uppity and misbehaving women who are finally tamed by the love of a good man who puts his foot down. Goes right back to Shakespeare, you know? Totally annoying, yet obviously an enduring theme.
    I have to say though, I do still love his speech at the end, about how people really do fall in love, etc. etc. Choked me up at the time, still might if I watched it again.

  6. I totally agree. It is stupid and boring, sometimes absurd.

  7. I don’t have much to say about “Breakfast…” (yeah, I’ve seen it, but ages ago and it left no lasting impression, suggesting I didn’t like it much either), but if I can launch into a sub-theme of “classic literary heroines” we’re all “supposed” to adore, can I give you my list of heroines-I’d-like-to-smack-in-the-mouth? Here we go: Emma Bovary (such a spoilt brat), Elizabeth Bennett (flighty and just too damn stupid for her own good) and Pollyanna (god help me, someone strangle that child…). Sorry if this offends anyone, but I was a literature major and read a ton of books, but just couldn’t get into Austen, Flaubert and co.!

  8. You know I just sat through this film again to see why it appeals to anyone and other than George Peppard’s somewhat normal everyman character ending up like Brad and Janet of Rocky Horror fame, walking into a bizarre situation with bizarre people and seeing his reactions I don’t get it.

    The mickey rooney thing was common in a lot of old films though not so over the top. Yes that sucked and was bad casting to begin with. But the film is well acted Hepburn does a good job. But I found her character to be annoying, scatter brained, and very much like someone needing some serious in patient care. I cannot see why Peppard’s character could fall for her. I honesty see this as two damaged, at points near suicidal, people who become co-dependent on each other.
    The whole film is such a major downer that the generation who seem to venerate this film to the heights they do, must have been the forefathers of todays ,depressed, self loathing, emo kids who cut themselves.

    After seeing this again tonight I have to say this was not charming, uplifting, romantic, or deep, it’s just sad and depressing.

    • My friend and I completely agree. We love Audrey Hepburn and we heard so sos sooo much about this movie before we saw it, and then when we did it was….. a major letdown. Our favorite part was when she sang Moon River and the end. We felt like we were supposed to like it but we really didn’t.

  9. After years of hearing the “classic” label I watched this movie and was not only non-plussed but completely turned off by the Rooney impression (which he denied as being offensive all the way to the grave). I think the movie is a “classic” example of media turning something out of nothing. Audrey Hepburn lacked dynamism and my eye does not hold her as attractive. Furthermore, there was no chemistry between the leads. It took me a bit to recognize Hepburn was a ho but there was no texture to the portrayal, somewhat like “Pretty Woman.” Capote’s original wasn’t much better. He didn’t manage to glamorize social climbing.

  10. It’s one of those movie’s you either love or you hate, i went through the first half not understanding what the hell the whole movie was about to and being frustrated with it, to it being one of my favourite movies of all time that i would watch repeatedly. This is the only movie that has ever done this to me. You either get it or you don’t. I think a lot of it has to do with identifying with the character holy /lulu-may the lost chaotic unplanned way she lives her life, always trying to take the reigns and control it’s direction and yet in constant fear of losing freedom. And the way she is always trying to escape, reality, sadness through parties and jewellery. She is a lot of girls/women. and it was sweet the way her feet finally hit the ground. Not only is this girl like me but she is very much like a very good friend of mine. If you can’t identify with holy then i can see why didn’t like this film.

  11. I agree that the movie is terrible and it’s refreshing to hear others say so. I’m sick of people talking about how awesome it is. The Mickey Rooney part, to me, was the best part of the show. I thought it was supposed to be the comic relief of the movie with him being so over-the-top stereotypical Asian. I guess I could see how it is offensive, but I’m not quite the politically correct type.

  12. You’re just an annoying twat yourself and I sob knowing that I’ve just wasted my time hearing what you’ve had to say about anything. Get off the internet.

  13. This movie is amazing and if you just don’t understand well just keep you’re mouth shut!!!!!

  14. I just watched this movie for the first time and am relieved to find that there are people who don’t like it either! I love Audrey Hepburn but her character here is deeply annoying – any women out there who identify with Holly should be avoided at all cost (and they probably are being ignored without realizing it). Even the cat is ridiculously needy, cloying and silly.

  15. I watched this movie literally last night. My reasoning was that it was on netflix and it’s supposedly a “Classic”. About 25 minutes in both my wife (a very girly girl herself) and I looked at each other and said “what in the hell are we watching?”. I did not find Holly charming or cute. Really Holly the kind of manic and ditzy girl one avoids.

    Literally the the only redeeming quality of this movie is that it continued George Pappard’s career long enough for him to go on to become Hannibal in the A-Team. I love it when a plan comes to together.

    I suppose I can see how women connect with the fashion, it does seem somewhat timeless as far as a look but that’s a really superficial reason for liking a movie.

  16. I’M WITH YOU SISTAH, my roommate was all about BT. I saw it and I hated it. She is a fake, fake, fake. Look I completely understand the idea of trying to reinvent yourself etc etc but in this movie it comes out cheap. I really like the movie Amelie, she’s quirky but not I-want-to-stick-a-skewer-in-her-left-eyeball annoying. I just can’t get all the hype, btw I do think its the Hepburn affect that’s all the hype.

  17. There are many movies with unlikable characters. That doesn’t make them bad movies. The movie isn’t *great*, but the fact that Holly has some unlikable characteristics isn’t one of the reasons. I think people like it because she realizes at the end that the walls she built need to come down. Maybe people empathize with being fucked up and wanting to change. People love “Amelie” but she is a crazy stalker who never really addresses her own issues. That is one example.

  18. I just watched the movie for the first time and think the same as you. omg the story was just terrible! I really thought it would be about being at tiffany’s ALL THE TIME (that’s how other girls that liked the movie made it seem) but it was just about hookers. The only thing I liked was the cat lol.

  19. Just to put this out there, I am a 34 year old black guy (yeah, like race has anything to do with this) who is a big time movie buff and have watched my portion of classic cinema and I must say that you are spot on in your analysis. I mean, this movie was so awesomely bad I did a search on google just to see if I was alone in my thought process about this film and come to find out I wasn’t! I mean seriously, where does all this hysteria come from about this movie supposedly being “so good”. Audrey’s character sucked and her neighbor slash love interest was about as square and predictable as a children’s book. And what was his (Paul’s) fascination with wanting to marry her after all of the foolish back and forth silliness she dangles in his face?? I mean, come on, she wanted to marry a south American diplomat all for the amazing reason that he has money and suddenly Paul has a “lightning-flash” moment of “oh, I really love this girl and she is really amazing”. Give me a break! and his cab speech at the end?!?…..gotta stop there…let’s just say if I was watching this on VHS I would have ejected it from the VCR and tossed it into a wall.

  20. I just watched it for the 1st time and found this page as I searched for like-minded people who strongly disliked the film. Holly is annoying and at the end of the film, I expect her to continue to be annoying. She didn’t seem enlightened in any way. Paul is a chump and I feel bad for him because he fell for a woman perceived as un-tameable when she’s actually a hot mess or needs psychiatric intervention. The story is boring. And I almost didn’t finish the film after the first racist depiction of the neighbor! The racism was so appalling.

  21. I’m fifty five years old and finally tried to watch tiffanys but I could take it. After about 45 minutes I stopped watching. I have been told you have to wTch it all to get it. I do t want to work that hard to enjoy something. I’ve seen worse movies but not many. Over rated for sure. That’s a big thumbs down from me!

  22. The ONLY thing i was happy about was that “Cat” was found after they dumped him and that at least HE would have a home to live in and not be left out in the Rain. Not the best cat home, but at least he wouldn’t get run over by a Car in NYC! Everything else was pointless!

  23. I found this just by googling “Audrey Hepburn is annoying” to see whether people agreed with that sentiment. I’ve never actually seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s – just not something that would ever appeal to me. I HATE movies about the stupid paltry pathetic lives of the idle rich. And Audrey Hepburn just annoys me by how she looks…not at all into the boyish pixie doe eyed string bean thing. Lastly, the 1960s just aren’t my favorite era. The insanely offensive minstrel-show version of a bucktoothed Chinese man – which I didn’t even know about – is just icing on the cake of I Don’t Give a Fuck.


  25. Thank you! I thought I was the only one. I couldn’t even finish watching it until the end. I am in love with fashion design and watching Holly was the biggest sacrifice I have ever made to see 60’s fashion.

  26. I just watched this movie for the first time and I have no idea why anyone likes it. I thought I was the only one, to be quite honest it was a struggle for me to even finish it! It was possibly the most boring movie I’ve ever watched. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂

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