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‘Sex’ talk


Yeah, so, look … there are not that many stereotypically girly things about me. I don’t melt for babies. I don’t concern myself with anything that has to do with Martha Stewart. I don’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy” (anymore). But, I do love “Sex and The City.”

There, I said it.

I love the show. I watched every episode. I loved the first movie. And even though the reviews were terrible, I went out and saw “Sex and The City 2” with some of my best buddies. And ladies, the movie is not that bad. Don’t let some movie critic who has never watched the show tell you what to do.

I had read some of the reviews, so I was prepared to be seriously disappointed. The fact that Roger Ebert gave “Sex and The City 2” one star, but gave two stars to the dreadful-looking “Prince of Persia” certainly gave me doubts about seeing the movie. I’d rather eat sand than see “Prince of Persia.” Still, Ebert gave three stars to both – that’s right, both! – “Garfield” movies, so he can’t always be trusted.

“Sex and The City 2” is, basically, a five-part episode of the show. If you liked the show, then you will like the movie.

Sure, the movie isn’t perfect. The movie, much like the later seasons of the series, is a little too punny for its own good. Also, Carrie actually utters the line, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” which is the mating call of a lazy screenwriter. There are some big flaws in the movie. I’m not sure it was wise to take the women out of New York City and send them to the Middle East, where only Miranda bothered to learn anything about the language and customs. The other three ladies come across as Ugly Americans, in that regard. But, more importantly, I had a hard time relating to and feeling sorry for the characters sometimes.

“Oh poor me. It’s hard being a wealthy stay-at-home mom. Sometimes I get frosting on my expensive clothes while I’m making cupcakes with the kids and the nanny has to come in and help me.”

“Oh poor me. My handsome, wealthy husband loves me, but he doesn’t want to go out every night to crowded movie premieres and PR events.”

But, there is plenty in the movie to enjoy. I laughed quite often throughout the movie.

What I’m trying to say is, I suspect most movie critics haven’t seen the show. Most of them say, “I hate these characters.” Well, fans of the show love these characters. They are really invested in them. If you are a fan of the show, and you read or hear a review that says, “I never watched the show” or “I hate these characters” then you can go ahead and skip it. The movie isn’t made for non-fans.

If you are a fan of the show, and you don’t like the movie, then I would suggest going back and watching some old episodes of the show to see if you even still like it anymore. It is possible to outgrow a show. I don’t think anything about “Sex and The City” has changed throughout the years, but I’m sure you have.

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting take on the inherent sexism in many of the reviews of “Sex and The City 2.”


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2 thoughts on “‘Sex’ talk

  1. my husband actually watched the show WITH me until Carrie cheated on Aidan. He took it personally. Then he said they were all just a bunch of dumb sluts. That said, I’ll probably rent the DVD but I’m betting I’ll be watching it alone. I just love those dumb sluts.

    • Yeah, I love those dumb sluts, too.

      There is plenty in this movie that made me say, “That wouldn’t happen,” but I didn’t really watch the series or the movies for a reality check.

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