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Snark Fail!


Yeah, so, this is my favorite thing today: A local blogger just rips apart a SF Weekly column, in which the single, straight, female “writer” details her trip to Moby Dick’s, a gay bar in the Castro.

The local blogger’s response is amazing. He breaks down her horrible column, paragraph by paragraph. Seriously, my hat is off to the guy. Fingers crossed that someday someone doesn’t do the same thing to one of my posts. How embarrassing. Still, I like to think I would never write something so blatantly awful.

To say the SF Weekly column is offensive would be an understatement. It is positively jam-packed with gay stereotypes. I can’t comprehend that the editors of SF Weekly thought this column was a good idea, and to run it during Gay Pride Week just makes it so much worse.

Not only is the article offensive to gay men, it’s a truly awful depiction of women.

“Straight men have to deal with straight women, and we are a difficult lot. We tend to put ourselves in two categories: sluts and nonsluts, and a fella has no way of knowing which one we are until it may very well be too late.”

Ummm, no we don’t. I have never put myself in one of those categories. I don’t think I put myself in any categories at all. Well, maybe hot nerd. Is that a category?

As a snarky female writer, I find the column embarrassing. She’s trying so hard to be snarky, but it just comes across as desperate, bitter and mean. I suspect the writer is one of those women who likes to put down other women because she thinks guys think it’s cool. Here’s a tip for you: They don’t. Good buddy Kate nailed it, calling it “absolutely 100% self-important college newspaper writing.” Word.


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4 thoughts on “Snark Fail!

  1. Right on! I also sent her a smack down for her pathetic stereotypes surrounding gay men and ridiculous depiction of women.

  2. Yes, “hot nerd” is totally a category. And the hottest one out there.

    Love your nerdness, love your hotness, love your words.

    And thanks be to Kate for her much more succinct description! Spot on!

  3. Perhaps she should have brought alone the guy from the online dating website from the previous post. He may have some insights….

  4. I don’t know jack about Castro or SF – but I laughed my ass off just the same. Your blog post title nails it — you can be a snarky jerk asshole and make broad generalizations and stereotypes about people and you can even say things to intentionally piss people off — but you have to be a good writer to do it!

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