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‘Because this is America, dammit!”


Yeah, so, thank you, Keith Olbermann for, once again, being the voice of reason.

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Watch out, everybody! This community center with a swimming pool, culinary school, a basketball court, and yes, a little bit of Muslim prayer space, is going to destroy America! It’s a terrorist training facility where terrorists can learn to cook and dunk and do the backstroke! Time to move to Canada everybody, just to be safe!

I heard about this story a few weeks ago, and quite honestly, I figured if I ignored it, the story would go away. Sigh. I’m so naive.

I’m not a political person. I get my news from “The Daily Show,” and I haven’t even watched that lately. But, when I do watch or read the news, I see angry, right-wingers talking about The Constitution this and The Constitution that in every argument, no matter what it is.

Well, here’s a news flash, everyone: There’s freedom of religion in this country. Crazy, right? It’s true. It sounded wrong to me, so I looked it up. See? It’s not just freedom to be Christian. It means freedom to practice all religions. And, apparently, according to Wikipedia, freedom of religion is one of the things our Founding Fathers were totally into. The same way Mission hipsters are into that band you’ve never heard of, the Founding Fathers were into freedom of religion. These are the same Founding Fathers that the Right Wingers love to talk about so much, right?

It’s almost like these people who are speaking out against this community center have no idea what they are talking about. Weird, right?


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3 thoughts on “‘Because this is America, dammit!”

  1. Keep away from my atheist manifesto you pricks!

    Thanks for posting this, Sonia. Keith Olbermann can be a bit overdramatic and hyperbolic and I don’t watch his show but I love it when he gets on a truly righteous rant. And thank god he’s able to offer a little high profile sanity to offset the increasingly delusional refuse leaking out of the mouths of most everyone else around the cable-television-news-osphere. And this isn’t a liberal/conservative/republican/democrat thing!

    Also, I like falafels.

  2. As a person who doesn’t buy the official story about 9-11, I am constantly amazed by all the fear-mongering that goes on in this country.

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