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Stupid Columnist Writes Half-Assed Piece About the World Series


Yeah, so, this guy thinks San Francisco doesn’t deserve to win the World Series.

Why? Judging by his column it’s because the people of San Francisco are not ignorant douchebags “Regular Joes.”


Frankly, I’m surprised they still play baseball in San Francisco.

I figured that by now someone here would have decided that baseball chalk isn’t Earth-kind or that the game is overtly sexist or gender-role confining or some such claptrap.

Well, I’m surprised Texas isn’t drilling for oil in their stadium. And I’m curious, is every seat in the Texas Rangers’ stadium a double-wide? I only ask because five of the top 10 fattest cities in the U.S. are in Texas.

I guess the saying is true: “Everything is bigger in Texas.” And this columnist is a great example. He’s a massive asshole.

Thank you to Generic for bringing this craptastic interesting article to my attention.

Oh, and let’s go, Giants!

Author: The Sonia Show

I'm a writer/podcaster/mother/goober in San Francisco who likes to drink beer, shop, laugh and make other people laugh, watch old movies, go to baseball games, kick breast cancer's ass, explore with my mighty, mighty good man David and my awesome autistic son, Calvin, participate in general jackass-ery, talk about TV, eavesdrop on strangers' conversations, make nerdy “Star Wars” and “Simpsons” references, and post personal things about myself on the web for all to read, which makes me some sort of literary exhibitionist.

10 thoughts on “Stupid Columnist Writes Half-Assed Piece About the World Series

  1. Maybe Texas can start combining its two favorite pastimes; baseball and executions!

    I’d buy season tickets for that.

  2. Lazy indeed — if it’s satire, it’s not very transparent or biting. I love this comment: “Texas is more American than San Francisco.
    You ask the average San Franciscon and they believe in Evolution!!
    They drive their Volvos and Priuses, we drive truck!”

  3. He forgot, “San Francisco smells bad. And is ugly.”

  4. Actually, with a coke-snorting general manager and a star player with a history of addiction, the Rangers really are regular Joes.

  5. San Franciscans, like Obama, eat babies. It’s true, we have special restaurants for it.

  6. I am sure in the mood for a tasty baby right about now.

  7. I was so distracted by his tired cliches that I almost missed that his last name is “Blow.”

    Your line about drilling oil in the stadium made my day. An alternative would be an oil rig apparatus set up in center field that gushes every time the Rangers hit a home run.

  8. When I was a kid and the Chicago Bears played the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, a Boston TV station aired a piece where they called the Bears commies because “Bears” are associated with Russia, and of course Patriots are patriotric in the USA way. The commies won by 36 points.

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