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If Bristol Palin wins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ then the terrorists have won


Yeah, so, I don’t care about “Dancing with the Stars.”

There, I said it.

I really don’t. I haven’t watched one episode of that show. Yet, thanks to every entertainment and gossip site, I am constantly aware of who is on it and who’s been voted off.

Bristol Palin and her partner on "Dancing with the Stars."

Apparently, this season Bristol Palin is on. When I first heard that I asked, “Oh, what star is she dancing with?” But I was informed she was the star. I guess being Sarah Palin’s daughter and getting knocked up at 17 makes you famous. People have gotten famous for less. Am I right, Kardashians?


So anyway, now I’m hearing nonstop on TV, the radio and the web that Bristol totally sucks on “Dancing with the Stars,” and she’s only made it to the finale because of her mother.

Apparently, people are really upset about it. This guy even shot out his TV out of frustration.

Are people really surprised that Bristol is in the finale? Come on! The average age of a “Dancing with the Stars” viewer is probably 60. Also, Bristol has the fine folks behind Vote for the Worst helping her out.

I’m sure the 60-year-olds watching the show think she’s a cute girl who is doing her best. I seriously doubt her making it this far on the show has anything to do with the Tea Party or anything remotely political. The only thing “Dancing with the Stars” viewers vote for is “Dancing with the Stars” and possibly “American Idol.” Oh, and, by the way, if you underestimate the power of Vote for the Worst I’ve got one word for you: Sanjaya.

It’s ridiculous that people are so worked up about it.

I mean, I get it. I was bummed when Mondo didn’t win on “Project Runway,” but I didn’t shoot out my TV or call into a radio show crying about it. It’s a TV show, people, and a pretty silly one at that.


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2 thoughts on “If Bristol Palin wins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ then the terrorists have won

  1. Dude, did you see the abstinence commercial with Bristol and The Situation?? It was the most awkward 1:35 I’ve ever had to sit through.

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