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Construction zone

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Yeah, so, there has been construction going on in our apartment for the past three days.

Earlier this year, there was a leak in our room. The rain was coming through the wall and soaking the carpet. We didn’t notice right away. It was all under the bed. Eventually it spread to where we stepped on wet carpet, pulled the bed away from the wall where we discovered soaked completely through carpet and mold on the wall. Awesome.

The building owners and the maintenance guys fixed the leak, removed the mold, removed the carpet padding and ran a humidifier for three days: a temp job with the intention of coming back later and fixing it all proper. Nine months later, they have finally fixing everything. [In their defense, we weren’t really asking them to come back and fix it. Between breast cancer surgeries and wedding planning, the padding under our carpet never seemed like a priority.]

Getting the bedroom ready for the workers was a lot of work on our part. We never quite recovered from their first round of repairs. Shelving was dismantled and never reassembled. Clothes, CDs and games were everywhere. It looked like an episode of “Hoarders” in there. But we spent Sunday getting organized in there and moving furniture and what not into the living room to clear the way for the maintenance workers.

Now, our living room looks like an episode of “Hoarders.”

We’ve had workers in and out of our apartment for the past three days. I’ve been working from home to let everyone in and out, and to keep Homer out of their way. I feared that Homer would be very pesty; barking and trying to run out the front door every chance he got. Instead, Homer has been hanging out with the construction guys.

When I work from home it usually looks like this:

But instead it has looked like this:

Not only was he hanging out in there watching them, but a few times he came out into the living room and grabbed one of his toys and took it into the bedroom as well. So, it was Homer, his goose, his bee and a bone hanging out watching the construction guys.

The construction guys didn’t mind at all, and when they left for the day they said good-bye to Homer. After they left, Homer stared at the front door for a while, like he was waiting for them to come back. When they didn’t come back, he snuggled up to me on the couch. I think he was depressed that the construction guys were gone.


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