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That’s so fascinating, Barbara Walters

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Yeah, so, I was reading, because I hate myself, when I came across this headline: “Barbara Walters Reveals Her 2010 Picks for ‘Most Fascinating People.

Every year, Barbara Walters, who used to be a respected newswoman but now she’s just that old lady on “The View,” does a year-end interview special with people she deems “fascinating.” Some of the people on the list make sense.

  • Justin Bieber: I understand that he is a singer that the young folk are into. I never heard a song of his so this is a good opportunity for Barbara Walters to educate me. Still, I don’ t know if “fascinating” is the right word.
  • Sandra Bullock: OK, I’ll give her this one. Sandra won a Best Actress Oscar and her husband cheated on her with Nazi chicks or something. That’s fascinating.
  • Kate Middleton: She’s marrying Prince. That’s super fascinating! Isn’t she a little young for his royal purpleness … oh wait, I’m being informed that she is marring Prince William. Hmm, I guess that’s still kinda interesting.

But then there are some people on the list that are, well, questionable:

  • The cast of “Jersey Shore:” If by fascinating you mean contagious then yes, Barbara Walters, the cast of “Jersey Shore” is very fascinating; dangerously so.
  • Sarah Palin: She was on the list last year. Is she really that fascinating that she’s on the list two years in a row? I hope Barbara asks her the tough questions such as “Can you identify United States on a globe?” and “Do you know where your kids are right now?”
  • Jennifer Lopez: Seriously? Jennifer Lopez? The most fascinating thing about Jennifer Lopez is that she’s married to Skeletor.

These choices make me question Barbara Walters’ mental state. I think someone should go to her home right now and remove all the sharp objects, and the DMV should take away her driver’s license before she hurts someone.

Of course, this isn’t the entire list for the TV special (airing Dec. 9 if you are into that sort of thing). Barbara is saving some of the guests as a surprise. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of the guests is going to be Barbara Walters. I would love to watch Barbara Walters interview Barbara Walters.


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One thought on “That’s so fascinating, Barbara Walters

  1. Feels a lot like pandering to me. And smells like old people.

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