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Seriously, you guys, Charlie Sheen is an asshole


Yeah, so,  I hate that people like Charlie Sheen.

He is a thrice-divorce, drug-addicted asshole who has a history of banging every porn star in the country and beating up women. But hey, he stars in a hit sitcom so all is forgiven.

Seriously, America, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Why are people so willing to forgive and forget when it comes to someone like Charlie Sheen, but when it comes to Lindsay Lohan, they hope and pray for her to fail? I ponder this question in this week’s The Dork Side on Assignment X.

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I'm a writer/podcaster/mother/goober in San Francisco who likes to drink beer, shop, laugh and make other people laugh, watch movies, go to baseball games, kick breast cancer's ass, explore with my awesome autistic son, Calvin, say assy things, and post personal things about myself on the web for all to read, which makes me some sort of literary exhibitionist.

32 thoughts on “Seriously, you guys, Charlie Sheen is an asshole

  1. I could not agree more!

  2. I have to agree with you Sonia. Charlie Sheen is an asshole. I just read something on the internet where channel 2 has threatened to cancel his show if he does not straigten up. He is very foolish. He is ruining a good thing that he has because of his behavior. He should be grateful that he has this show, what was he doing before this show? Also he should look at his father and brother Emilio, they do not behave like Charlie does. He should be ashamed, his family and his kids are probably ashamed of him. He has a daughter who just recently married, I wonder what she thinks about all of this. He should really take a deep down look at himself and make a positive change before he really hits rock bottom.

    Regarding Lindsay Lohan, she needs to go to jail and stay there until her term is up. No more privileges, she needs to get her act together, and do what she needs to do. If it was anyone else they would not give so many privileges.

  3. Ok. I agree that Charlie is an asshole, but to compare him to Lindsay? WTF. With Lindsay it’s because she is stupid and uneducated.

  4. This is happening because we the public glorify and idolize and can’t seem to get enough of so-called celebrities. These ordinary people with advantages others may never see in a lifetime have a sense of entitlement and we enable them. There is NOTHING worthwhile about this man. And I mean nothing. He epitomizes all that is wrong with society. He is SUING CBS? They should counter-sue him and put his butt in jail.

  5. do u know him? no

  6. i say ‘sonia is an asshole, i heard she talks shit about people she doesn’t know on the internet’
    does that make sonia an asshole? maybe. never met her so i have no idea. really sonia, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  7. Alex, you’re an asshole. Only an asshole would stick up for a woman-abusing douche like Charlie Sheen.

  8. I am an asshole because I speak my mind, but not because I am sticking up for Charlie Sheen. I am not ‘sticking up for him’. Let me ask you how sonia do you know Charlie Sheen is “woman-abusing?” Is it because you…saw it on the news? Read it in….PEOPLE magazine? OH THEN IT MUST BE TRUE THEN.

    Some schmuck says look here’s the news today: “Charlie Sheen is an asshole, he abused a woman, believe it, criticize him, go.”

    Just like that you swallow that up Sonia? Really? All someone has to do is say any old bullshit on the tv and you believe it immediately, backing it up with your whole belief system and proclaiming to the world your newly acquired ‘knowledge’ that you are “so sure is true.”

    If that’s how your brain works then you’re undeniably correct, without a shadow of a doubt, in calling him an asshole. That would also validate every other opinion on this blog poorly posing as factual.

    But if all a thing has to be do be “true” is for someone to “think it up,” write it down and/or proclaim it to the world (Whether through the “news,” magazines, blogs, or blog comments) then GREAT. YOU FIGURED IT OUT. Charlie Sheen is an asshole woman abuser, because the man on the news said it! Retarded.

    Well here’s todays news, Sonia. You are uninformed as you are gullible, as is most of the world. By your thinking, I am 100% correct in saying that. When a human being stands in front of the camera or keyboard and says “this is true,” they HAVE to be telling the truth….right?

    You have absolutely zero clue as to any detail about Charlie Sheen. You don’t even know he is a real human, he could be a robot for all you know. Have you ever met him? Seen him? Talked to him? Anything besides heard his name, seen his face, and heard a multitude of opinions and speculation about him? The likely answer is no. So IN REALITY, in the REAL WORLD, you actually have zero, that is ZERO basis on which to base these comments on. Basically you are wasting your time and everybody elses that could be better spent on real life issues. You think you’re supporting anti-violence towards woman. You’re not. You’re supporting the spread of ignorance and stupidity.

    At least I am basing my opinions of your actions (which seem personal but are not) on something that I am relatively sure YOU did (post this post). Nobody knows about dick Charlie Sheen except Charlie Sheen, and there are a whole bunch of other financially motivated opinions trying to paint their own picture so that they can reap the benefits. If you don’t see that, you are only encouraging it.


    • Following a long and detailed history of domestic violence, Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty to assault in August 2010. That is something HE did.

  9. I think you are the one wasting time, Alex, writing ill-informed comments on someone’s personal blog. Charlie Sheen is a woman-abusing asshole. This is not opinion, it is fact. Read the police reports, asshole.

    P.S. I’m sorry that your precious “Two and a Half Men” got canceled. I’m sure that’s why you are really upset.

  10. Breaking news. I am now an official news source. That means everything I say is true. It’s in the police reports check it if you don’t believe me. Anyways in todays news, Sonia of thesoniashow has unfortunately turned into a Heffalump due to an accident involving mentos and diet coke. (We told you not to combine them!) Now go write about Sonias misfortune on your blogs. And someone tell Charlie Sheen, I’m sure he’ll be devastated..
    *this message sponsored by skittles and diet pepsi

  11. Umm, OK. Thanks for reading the blog, crazytown. Keep Googling “Charlie Sheen is an asshole” and making assy comments on people’s blogs. Have a good weekend.

  12. Sonia, my dear, based on your about me section your a bigger asshole than Charlie. Talking smack behind peoples back is worse than smoking rocks with pornstars. At least he has a sense of self worth. Someone who has to degrade others to make themselves feel special does not. =(. Have fun not getting laid. 😛

  13. Yes, I’m sure Charlie Sheen has a great sense of self worth when he’s beating up women. As for talking smack behind people’s backs, that’s a joke, asshole.

    Also, you used the wrong “your.” It should be “you’re a bigger asshole,” asshole.

    And I get laid plenty, thank you very much.

  14. Charlie Sheen is an asshole- so what? Why is he being villified in the media now? After all, they were kissing his ass a few weeks ago. The reason: Becuase he is such an asshole that he has the GUTS to tell the thruth about 9/11- and that is FAR more important that you stating the obvious (old news). Below is the red pill. Take it if you dare.

    If we are to keep our freedom we need a lot more assholes like Charlie Sheen. BTW, Sonia what have YOU done to expose the 9/11 conspiracy? Take cheap shots at Charlie Sheen (just following along with big media- they are now giving you permission to bad mouth him and, like the sheep you are, you are following along). That is SO brave. Charlie has risked everything for your freedom (and your silly blog).

  15. That is the most crazy-awesome comment I have received on this blog ever.

    I don’t think Charlie Sheen is an asshole for his theories about 9/11. I think Charlie Sheen is an asshole for beating up women. Charlie Sheen isn’t risking jack shit for my freedom. He does coke, bangs porn stars and beats up women. I don’t think they will be giving him the Medal of Honor anytime soon.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. This is about 9/11. THAT is what counts NOT Charlie Sheen (I don’t even own a TV!! I couldn’t care less about him). He is risking a megabucks acting career, and in the environment we are entering, his freedom. As we move deeper into a police state challenging the official nonsense on 9/11 will be a crime. BTW, even though he is a major league asshole (no argument) PLEASE listen to his interview with Alex Jones.

  17. You can tell Charlie Sheen doesnt give a fuck about what the media thinks and for that I respect him. Maybe in your opinion he is an asshole but his done more in his life than the average american can even imagine.

    Whats wrong with banging pornstars? what a legend. I laugh how the media portrays him as crazy but who is really crazy here?
    Spending two thirds of your life working a dumbass 9-5 job you prolly dont even like. Only to finally retire and spend the money you have saved over all those years on health realted problems. At least charlie sheen is making the most of it.

    Im not fully informed of the “woman abusing” claims so I wont comment on that.

  18. Well, maybe before you say “I respect him” you should get informed about his woman-abusing ways. In fact, why don’t you try reading this blog post that you commented on? There’s a link to an article that details his woman-abusing ways.

  19. If I’m just as likely to put my hands on a woman as I am a man, would I be labeled a “woman abuser?”

  20. the link leads to another article written by you…

  21. If I had to guess, I would guess that Charlie Sheen has been responding on this site, pretending he is other people. It sounds just like crazy Charlie.

  22. Obviously his parents were to busy making movies themselves to teach thier son some manners. Charles is in my opinion just another hollywood ASSHOLE with too much money

  23. charlie sheen and charlie harper are one of the same, womanizer, drunk, and complete asshole. i’m happily married to the most god send woman alive and be married nearly 14 yrs. i wouldn’t give up my wife for any actress, model or any woman therefore alive, and there’s many stunning female celebrities i would love to have as partners if i were single.

  24. charlie sheen is the most celebrated worthless asshole on earth and his former show 2 and a half men he’s a pure narcissist. jon cryer is a persnickety controlling asshole and the rest of the cast sucks big time. charlie sheen doesn’t give a rats ass about the womans feelings just to dump his load.

  25. charlie harper and charlie sheen are the same, total asshole

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