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‘Glee’ is just not that into you

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Yeah, so, I have a love/hate relationship with “Glee,” and I explore it in this week’s Dork Side.

Basically, I feel like the show should do for the girls what it has done for the gays, and give them a strong, positive role model. The main relationships on the show are Rachel and Finn, a relationship that hits all the wrong notes, and Mr. Schue and that OCD guidance counselor. Both send the message of “Hey ladies, even if he is dating other people and has moved on, don’t move on. He is still totally into you.”


Ladies, if a guy wants to be with you, he will be with you. Get a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You” and get on with your life.

And, by the way, why does every girl want to date Finn or Mr. Schue? I think they are both kinda lame.

Remember when John Stamos was on the show as the hunky dentist? He was hot stuff. Maybe they should have cast him as Mr. Schue, because then I would believe that all these women want to date him.

So yeah, I’m mentally preparing myself for all kinds of hateful comments from the Gleeks, who think Finn and Rachel are the best thing since that lame couple in the “Twilight” books.


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