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The Parents Television Council is evil


Yeah, so, it’s no secret that I really hate the Parents Television Council.

I really, really hate them. They are a bunch of controlling assholes, who think they should get to decide what we all get to watch on TV.

I worked as a TV critic for a few years, starting in 2001, and I wrote many articles about the evils of this group. They spend all their money and time trying to get shows that are not made for children off the air, because a child might see it. Never mind that the show is on at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night on a basic cable channel. They think every show on television should be for kids. We have entire networks for kid programming, but apparently every network should be for kid programming. Oh, and they think you are stupid, so they should decide what you should and shouldn’t watch.

Fuck them.

Imagine if they focused their time and money on things that actually mattered such as increasing funding for schools or after-school programs.

Seriously, that group is totally worthless.

So anyway, I’ve been reading some tweets from television critics who are at the Television Critics Association meetings. Basically, TV critics sit in a room with network execs, directors, writers, producers and actors who are promoting their fall TV shows. One of the shows that NBC is promoting is this show called “The Playboy Club.” It’s set in the 1960s and it’s about – you guessed it- the Playboy Club. Everyone involved in the show is trying to push the show as “female empowerment.” That’s laughable to me, so I tweeted about it saying, “Dear NBC, how is dressing up as a bunny and serving drinks to men ‘female empowerment?’ Feminist fail! Love, Sonia”

I was fine with my little tweet until I saw this:

The Parents Television Council retweeted my tweet!

GROSS!!!! I feel so dirty! I want to delete my Twitter account and take a Silkwood-style shower for a year. I hate them so much, and they retweeted my tweet as some sort of support for them. It’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me on Twitter, and I’ve had people threaten my life on Twitter.

I responded to their retweet:

I suspect they are not going to retweet it.

Oh, by the way, Parents Television Council, your worst nightmare is coming true. I’m going to have a baby, and my husband and I are going to decide for ourselves what he can and can’t watch. Suck on that!

UPDATE: I got into a lengthly discussion with the PTC policy director on Twitter. He doesn’t think that pressuring network affiliates to not air a show that they haven’t even seen is censorship. When I told him that the PTC would do better by children if they focused on increasing funding for schools and after-school programs, he said, “The vast majority of our resources go directly toward parental education and research.” When I pointed out that was parental education and research on TV viewing habits. He said yes, but that schools were not their mission. I pointed out that their mission was flawed. He responded, “That’s fair enough, but I think kids are worth protecting,” suggesting I don’t think our children are worth protecting. “I think kids are worth protecting, too, and knowledge is power,” I replied.

I’m not want to say I won this argument … But I think I totally won this argument.

Pressuring networks to cancel TV shows that are aimed at adults because a kid might see it is not the same as focusing our time, energy and money on increasing funding for schools and after-school programs … You know, things that might actually help kids.


Author: The Sonia Show

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9 thoughts on “The Parents Television Council is evil

  1. This may be my favorite Sonia Show episode/article/entry/whatever you call it.

    BTW, if you ever need to borrow my bunny costume, just ask. The tips I make are amazing!

    • Thanks, Chris! Right now, no one wants to see me in a sexy Playboy bunny outfit. Maybe I could borrow it after I pop out the spawn. I need to earn some extra dough for his college education and/or bail money.

  2. Fuck the PTC.

  3. I thought for sure the PTC was the group I was thinking of that just had one member/leader. It turns out I was thinking of the National Coalition on Television Violence. Yeah, there’s more than one of these organizations. 😦

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  5. I noticed this post dates back to 2011 so I’m about 4 years late with my comment, haha, but I was looking for ANYTHING against the PTC and I came across your page so I was intrigued to read. I attempted to voice my opinions against the PTC back when The Playboy Club was taken off TV (I was a fan) but I never pursued anything. Now that they’re attacking the new season of AHS, I actually went to fight back against their HORRIBLE opinions, to now find out that the moderator of their blog approved other peoples comments who posted after me but didn’t approve mine. I was very enraged to see that they’re so close minded, god forbid they approve someone’s comment calling them out on their twisted views of things. I don’t know how long they’ve been around, but I’m hoping there’s some group out there that is against the PTC like many of us obviously, but I’m not currently having any luck finding things.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Brooke. Oh man, I HATE the Parents Television Council. They are the worst. What a waste of money and energy they are. I don’t watch AHS, but I know that it is on at 10 p.m. If young children are up at 10 p.m. watching “American Horror Story” then maybe TV shows are not your biggest problem, you know? Ugh.

  6. I am convinced that not only is chauvinism evil, but so are feminism, the LGBT agenda, the Parents’ Television Council, AND the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, and that the lot of them are also controlled by the globalist elites that operate the Illuminati and that they are merely a few of many sides that consist of the die that the Illuminati casts that is the New World Order, period, full stop.

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