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The first rule of ‘Playboy Club’ is you don’t talk about ‘Playboy Club’


Yeah, so, The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has finally decided to tackle the really serious problems of The City.

The homeless problem?




Getting public transportation to run on time?

Don’t be crazy.

Banning Happy Meals.

San Francisco has already done that.

I’m talking about the really big problem of a television network airing a crappy drama.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution calling on NBC to cancel its upcoming “The Playboy Club” series, because it objectifies women.

Let’s ignore the fact that San Francisco has a Hooters in it as well as some of the most infamous strips clubs in the country. And, never mind that there are several other TV shows that are currently on the air that could be deemed more offensive such as – oh, I don’t know – anything with words “Real Housewives” in it. Or there’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” a show about a mother who whores out her daughters for fame while a castrated former Olympian sits idly by.

Also, let’s keep in mind that no one has actually seen the show that they want immediately canceled before it even airs. Oh, how I love it when committees decide for me what I can and can’t watch.

Actually, to be fair, it’s not REALLY the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, it’s San Francisco’s Commission on the Status of Women, which mighty, mighty good man David claims is “probably paid less than the other commissions.”

Here’s my favorite quote in the SF Gate article from the president of the commission, Kay Gulbengay.

“I got a bee in my bonnet about it,” she said. “I’m not a prude, but Playboy is sexual exploitation of women, and we don’t need to go back there again. For me, it’s been there, done that.”

Really? You’ve got a bee in your bonnet about it? Are your knickers in a twist, Kay? That quote is not helping.

The show is set in the ’60s in the original Playboy Club in Chicago. How is the depiction of women in it any different than say, “Mad Men,” a critically adored show set in the ’60s that features all variety pack of sexism, racism and even a little homophobia.  Oh, they don’t know because they haven’t seen “The Playboy Club” yet. (I am absolutely not saying this show is anywhere near the level of “Mad Men.” I’m sure it isn’t, BUT, at the same time. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t really judge it … yet.)

One could argue that “The Playboy Club” is a period piece; a boring, stupid period piece. Is the Board of Supervisors going to ban all TV shows that depict the uglier side of our history? Am I still allowed to watch “Roots,” or will I have to go to Daly City for that? That miniseries depicts racism at its worst. We’ve so “been there, done that,” am I right, folks? [And yes, I hate that I just compared “The Playboy Club” to “Roots,” but I’m trying to make a point — a point that a TV show with hot chicks in bunny costumes is totally the same thing as a ground-breaking miniseries about slavery.]

Look, I’m sure “The Playboy Club” is going to be complete crap. Just like I’m sure the new “Charlie’s Angels” TV show is going to objectify women and be complete crap, but no one is making a big stink about that crapsterpiece.

A NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City has already banned “The Playboy Club,” and the “Oh God! Won’t someone think of the children?!” organization also known as the Parents Television Council has also called for a boycott. When these groups are your allies in a fight you know you are on the wrong side, San Francisco.

More importantly, let’s keep in mind that this show is going to be on NBC, so no one is going to watch it anyway.

I’ll end this rant with the words of someone who is much smarter than me, one of the greatest minds ever:


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2 thoughts on “The first rule of ‘Playboy Club’ is you don’t talk about ‘Playboy Club’

  1. Whistling in a corner, looking around and pretending I don’t live here.

    …Yeesh. How embarrassing!

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