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Daniel Day Lewis should be in every movie


Yeah, so, I think Daniel Day Lewis and Meryl Streep need to compete is some sort of act off to decide once and for all who is the best actor.

My first instinct is to go with Streep, because I worship her, but as David pointed out, Daniel Day Lewis is a little choosier in his role selection. For example, he hasn’t starred in, say, something like “It’s Complicated” or, egads, “She-Devil.” He appears in a movie maybe once a year, and that makes seeing his films an event.

Daniel Day Lewis is awesome in everything. Even “Nine,” which really sucked, he was great in it. Of course, that’s true of Streep, too. Did you see “Julie & Julia?” Streep is amazing as Julia Child, but the other half of the movie was the worst.

So anyway, Daniel Day Lewis is going to be playing Abraham Lincoln in a movie. Check it out:

Come on! That shit is ridiculous, right? I read that he’s been talking like Lincoln since May, and he is asking for people on set to call him Lincoln. Method actors slay me.

Here’s some other roles I’d like to see Daniel Day Lewis take on:

  • Daniel Day Lewis as Martin Lawrence in “Big Momma’s House 4.” I think Daniel Day Lewis could play Martin Lawrence better than Martin Lawrence, and he could bring some much-needed respect to that franchise.
  • Daniel Day Lewis and Christian Bale star in a romantic comedy about two method actors who fall in love. They could call it “Method Men.” OR, maybe this pairing could be in the another “Batman” movie with Bale’s Batman falling in love Lewis’ Penguin. “Batman Loves:” A broody and an inspiring love story.
  • Let’s see how good of an actor Daniel Day Lewis really is: Can do the impossible and make a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigel watchable?
  • When they make a movie based on my life, I hope Daniel Day Lewis plays me. Only Daniel Day Lewis can capture my Concord, Calif., accent. (If he turns down the role, then the movie needs to be animated and the role of Sonia Mansfield should be played by Daria.)
  • Daniel Day Lewis should sign on for the next Wayan Brothers movie. Perhaps “White Chicks 2.”
  • I would like to see Daniel Day Lewis play Rick Perry in the next GOP debate.
  • Daniel Day Lewis as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” franchise. He would act the shit out of that boring-ass part in those craptastic movies.
  • Daniel Day Lewis could play all the victims in the next “Human Centipede.” Daniel Day Lewis’ mouth attached to another Daniel Day Lewis’ ass attached to yet another Daniel Day Lewis’ mouth. Maybe the victims are triplets since it would be “Human Centipede 3.” See? It writes itself. You’re welcome, Hollywood.

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Day Lewis should be in every movie

  1. Yes! Daniel Day Lewis is the man!

  2. Oh. My. God. Daniel Day Lewis as every part of The Human Centipede….that’s awesome!

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