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Spending quality time with my DVR

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Yeah, so, I’ve spent a good part of my week trapped under a sick baby. It’s OK to be jealous.

The Boy got a cold on Monday, and I spent half of Monday and pretty much all day Tuesday and Wednesday holding him. I tried to lay him down, but then he would look at me with the saddest face I’ve ever seen, and I pick him right back up. We looked like this for two and half days:

Poor kid. He’s only five months old. He can’t tell me that his throat is sore, and I can’t tell him that his life would be better if he knew how to blow his nose.

So, while I sat on the couch with a snoring baby on me, I was able to get through our jam-packed DVR.

I had several episodes of “The Walking Dead” piled up. The first half of this season ended on such a high note (meaning it was crazy tense and made me cry like a little girl). I was hoping the second half of the season was going to keep that momentum going. Instead, it started to slip into “what kind of society are we going to be” debates (again), and the characters got even more annoying – so annoying that I find myself on Team Zombies. I’m not going to break up with “The Walking Dead” like I did with “Glee”, because “The Walking Dead” has zombies in it. If “Glee” added some zombies, I might reconsider our relationship.

Here’s a few other shows I’m watching, because I know you want to know:

  • “Justified” = Awesome. Timothy Olyphant = hot.
  • “Top Chef” just finished its worst season yet. I was unimpressed with most of the chefs and found several of them to be the most unlikable people ever. Season 9 of “Top Chef” is proof that sometimes the mean girls never grow up. I really hope this isn’t the direction the show is going in. I don’t watch TV to get angry. If I do want to get angry, I watch the news, not Bravo reality shows. I don’t need villains on my cooking competition show. About half way through the season the show was no longer fun to watch. It was just a bunch of nasty, mean-spirited bitches ganging up on another female chef they perceived to be weak. It was frustrating and uncomfortable to watch. Do better, “Top Chef,” or I will break up with you, too. Don’t believe me? Ask “American Idol” if I’ll do it!
  • Speaking of reality shows that I might break up with … “Project Runway: All-Stars,” I love Austin Scarlet, too, but he should have been eliminated about four challenges ago.
  • “Parks & Recreation:” Probably my favorite sitcom on TV right now. It makes me laugh out loud every week. Ron “Fucking” Swanson.
  • “The Good Wife:” My secret shame. My guilty pleasure. Probably the one show that both me and my mom watch.
  • Also: “Archer,” “30 Rock,” “Portlandia,” “Adventure Time” and “The Simpsons” (still funny, I don’t care what the haters say).
  • I’m eagerly awaiting the return of “Treme” and “Mad Men,” and, I’m counting the seconds until the second season of “Game of Thrones” starts.
  • You know what other show is starting soon? “The Killing.” Too bad I don’t care about it anymore. I broke up with you, “The Killing.” I’ve moved on. Don’t try to win me back. It’s not going to work. I hate you and your stupid, drag-this-shit-out-over-12-episodes-with-no-resolution-even-though-we-promised-viewers-a-resolution face.

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One thought on “Spending quality time with my DVR

  1. Game of Thrones is the only TV show I’ve watched since WWF in 1995, not even kidding. JD and I got the season 1 box set yesterday and we watched one episode. We aren’t sure if we’re going to keep watching them.

    Dany has a lot of junk in the trunk for a waifish 14-year-old, but that’s an OK thing. And Jon Snow can defend my wall anytime.

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