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One fine day

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Yeah, so, Saturday was just one of those days. I mean that in a good way.

The Spawn woke up at 7 a.m. We could hear him on the baby monitor babbling to himself. It’s pretty damn cute, and I don’t think anything is cute at 7 a.m. A few minutes later, he fell back asleep, and we got to sleep in until 8:15. I know that doesn’t sound like sleeping in, but it is to us these days.

We were all chillin’ in the living room when we decided to take The Boy to a park. We do a lot of things we like (brunches, shopping, etc.), but The Boy is 6 months old now. We need to start doing things he likes, and he likes the park. Good buddy Tiffany had given me a City Walks with Kids deck that we hadn’t used yet, so I cracked it open and discovered there was a little park in Bernal Heights, Holly Park.

We packed up The Boy and headed out. Of course, we immediately decided that we wanted to get brunch. HA! So much for doing what the kid wants. The Boy was tired anyway, and nobody wants to push a grouchy baby in a swing so we walked Cortland Avenue and stumbled upon Liberty Café. We had our bigger stroller with us, and I would never presume that a restaurant could accommodate our stroller. I don’t want to be one of those people who just assumes that every place should deal with my Spawn and all his stuff, so I walked in solo to talk to a waitress. [Interesting side note: Did you know that most bars won’t let you bring in a baby? True story.]

Me: “Hi. We have a stroller. It’s kinda big. Do you think we should just park it outside and bring in the kid in the seat? I don’t want to take over your restaurant with our stuff.”

Super nice waitress: “We can make room. And if it gets too crowded, we can put the stroller on our back patio. It’s not a problem.”

So, we rolled our big-ass stroller into the restaurant, and the waitress set us up so we weren’t in anyone’s way. I was so grateful. And, amazingly, The Boy instantly fell asleep. We take The Boy to restaurants quite a bit. He’s really good. He just chills and looks around, but it was really great that he slept, so we could eat without worrying.

Calvin woke up right when we were paying the bill. Once again, excellent timing. Then we headed to the park.

Holly Park is nice. It wasn’t crowded. It was quiet. There were little bucket swings, so The Boy got in some swing time, which makes him happy. See?

Please note the Yoda shoes.

He also got to go down the slide.

The Boy was happy, so that made us happy. See?

We wandered around the park for a while and then back down to Cortland Avenue for coffee. We went to Progressive Grounds, and once again, Calvin fell instantly asleep. The Baby Gods were watching over us that day, if you believe in that crap.

We sat outside on the back patio, which is lovely. We were checking the Giants’ score on our phones (spoiler alert: they lost … all weekend long – sigh) and chatting. We weren’t being loud by any means. But some woman with her laptop got up from her seat inside and closed the door on us. And every time someone opened the door she would say, “Would you mind closing the door, please?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, lady. Were we disturbing you by drinking coffee and talking in this coffee shop? I apologize. I know you really need to concentrate on that awesome ‘Bones’ fan fiction you are writing.”

So anyway, when The Boy woke up, we decided to walk to The Good Life grocery store on Cortland and pick up a few things for dinner. We bought a big ol’ chicken, which mighty, mighty good man David roasted in some Dutch oven thing. He knows his way around the kitchen. Me? Not so much. I know how to walk through the kitchen and grab a beer on my way to the living room. That’s pretty much it.

That night, while The Boy was asleep, we drank a Speakeasy Scarface Imperial Stout and ate roasted chicken while we watched Rita Hayworth’s “Gilda,” which we had recorded off TCM. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.


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