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Humm Baby!


Yeah, so, we took The Boy to his first San Francisco Giants game on Sunday.

Sadly, the Giants didn’t win, but perhaps that is for the best. It is important that Calvin learn early what it’s really like to be a Giants fan. You win some, and you lose some because all of the Giants players are on the DL with major injuries that require surgery and/or a case of scurvy. I’m almost positive someone was on the DL last season because they had polio or herpes. I always get those two mixed up.

So anyway, even though they didn’t win, it was a beautiful day at Phone Company Park. The weather was gorgeous, and our seats were pretty terrific.

When we got to the ballpark, we went straight to Guest Services, where they printed out a little certificate to commemorate The Boy’s first baseball game. It’s not fancy. We could have printed out one ourselves, but still … It’s pretty cool of them to do that for kids.

Going to a baseball game with a baby in tow is a whole new experience. Maneuvering through the crowds with a ginormous diaper bag, and David with The Boy in a Baby Bjorn, was much more difficult. At one point, Calvin got overwhelmed and his bottom lip started to quiver. It’s a lot of people and a lot of noise for a 6 1/2 month old to deal with. After a few minutes, he pulled it together, and we went to our seats. And once we were in our seats, all was well.

The Boy shows his support for Brandon Belt, aka Baby Giraffe.

Second-inning nap.

Me and The Spawn. (Not pictured: My $9.75 beer)

During Sunday’s game, the Giants were honoring Jackie Robinson, the first African American player in Major League Baseball. All the players on both teams were wearing his number, the #42. There was a man sitting a few rows of ahead of us that was pretty drunk. He was heckling the other team’s players, which I love because I’m a jerk who thinks that shit is funny. He kept yelling, “You suck, #42!” to every Pirates player that came near us. I’m not quite sure if he knew that every player was #42, and he was trying to be funny; or if he was really that drunk. I suspect he was really that drunk. I’ve been that drunk, so no judgment here.

Calvin was all decked out in his Giants gear: a fleece hat, a “Fear the Beard” onesie, black pants and an orange hoodie. He did awesome at the game. He is one mellow kid. We’re super lucky, and we know it. We took turns holding him so we could eat hot dogs and drink beer. He even took a nap. He was all smiles for everyone sitting around us. By the 8th inning, he started to fuss a little; not much, but enough that we decided to walk around the park instead of making the fine folks sitting around us listen to us try to entertain our baby for another inning.

Crazy Crab is still the mascot ... of my heart.

We strolled around. I photobombed a few people. We checked out the new Anchor Steam Brewery area. There were tables filled with people. I’m not sure why people would pay money for tickets to a baseball game just to sit in an outside drinking area and watch the game on TV, but hey, to each their own.

Throughout my pregnancy I watched the Giants (soberly, thank you very much). I like to think that the sounds of baseball are kinda comforting to Calvin. I’m sure this will be the first of many games we go to this season and seasons to come. You’re welcome, San Francisco Giants, for the lifelong fan/future Cy Young-award winning pitcher I’m raising for you.


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4 thoughts on “Humm Baby!

  1. I really like that certificate he got. Cool idea!

  2. One day, my baby will get to go to its first Giants game. It will be magical. Even if said baby is 23 by that time.

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