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That new car smell


Yeah, so, we bought a new car.


We traded in my 2007 Saturn for 2012 Honda Civic. (I know, I know. It’s not a hybrid. I’m sorry, Earth. The hybrids are still too expensive for us. I guess I will continue to destroy the environment until we can afford not to. I apologize.)

Of course, I loved, loved, LOVED my Saturn. It was a great car. It never gave me any problems, other than the occasional flat tire. If they still made Saturns, I have no doubt I would have got a new Saturn.

The big flaw with my Saturn was that it’s not Spawn friendly. It’s not the car’s fault. When I bought that car, I was a single gal. It only needed to fit me, the wiener dog and whatever loser I was dating at the time. When I bought the car, if you had said, “Sonia, you might want to get a four-door car because it will be easier to manage with a baby seat.” I would have thrown your drink in your face (not my drink, because drinks are expensive, and I’m drinking it.)

I had a little moment when I handed off the Saturn. I patted the bummer and thanked it for being a good car, because I’m a mental case. I like to think that the Saturn was bored with my new mommy role, and it’s moving on to another single gal, and they will go to have all kinds of crazy adventures.

So anyway, the new car is awesome. It is definitely the fanciest, most high-tech car I’ve ever own. It’s got navigation. Oh la la. Now, I know what you are thinking: “Sonia, you stupid asshole. You have navigation on your phone now.” True, and don’t talk to me like that! The truth is I didn’t use the navigation on my phone. I found it difficult to use, and it got me lost a few times. Most of the time, I wrote down the directions on a piece of paper before I went anywhere. This meant that the car was filled with half sheets of paper with directions on it. I didn’t throw the directions away, because what if I was going back to that place and I couldn’t remember how to get there? It drove my mighty, mighty good man David crazy. He’s used to a clean car. My car? Not so much.

The Honda also has satellite radio (free for three months). So long, shitty morning radio shows! I guess I’ll have to find another place to listen to idiots watch YouTube videos and talk about it.

I’m going to give a special shout out to David who did a crazy amount research to find just the right car for us. Even though he did a lot of research, and we looked at the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Prius as well as the Honda, we didn’t go to a few Honda lots to compare prices, and that goes against everything he believes in. In fact, I’m the opposite of David. The minute we walked on to the Honda lot, I was drawn to this car. I saw this blue car from afar, walked over it, even though the salesperson was trying to show us another car, and proclaimed it to be my car. Keys, please!

I have a really shitty poker face. David was so afraid that at any moment I was going to say to the salesperson, “I love this car! I’ll pay anything! Gimme!” Luckily, I kept myself in check, and we got a pretty good deal. I don’t think they paid us what the Saturn is worth in the trade-in. I think because they don’t make Saturns anymore that they are collectible. Apparently, the auto industry feels differently. Oh well.

We are really happy with the new car. And I have no doubt that The Boy is happier in the new car. We’re no longer hitting his head trying to squeeze him into the backseat of a car that was never made to hold a baby seat.

So, yeah, this is the first really big purchase David and I have made together. I know that we’re married, and we have the Spawn, but now we have debt – that’s commitment!


Author: The Sonia Show

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2 thoughts on “That new car smell

  1. YAYSIES. I have a 2004 Civic and I fucking love it, but it’s also a 2-door. We’re still hefting the goddamn carseat through the passenger door while we save for a new car, but it’s definitely going to be another Civic. Probably a 2013 just so I can rub it in your face next year that my car is newer than yours.

  2. “I have a Honda, and it’s a total piece of shit.” – No one.

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