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Snapping turtles

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Yeah, so, mighty, mighty good man David and I visited the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach while we were on our way back from seeing a volcano in Hawaii.

I know, right? A volcano.

On the beach were a couple of sea turtles. Apparently, the sea turtles like to hang out in the sun and take naps on this beach where they are surrounded by tourists taking photos of them like they are Katy Perry or some other singer that has big tits and no talent. The turtles are really cute and pretty amazing to see up close. Of course, you can’t get too close. There are signs everywhere telling you not to get too close or you will be fined or shot on site, I can’t remember.

Photo by mighty, mighty good man David, who could totally be a nature photographer.

So anyway, while David was taking awesome photos like the one above, I wandered out on some rocks in the ocean, and I spotted another sea turtle. He was hanging out on some rocks, but to me he looked like he was stuck.

“I think this turtle is stuck! He needs me to save him,” I thought to myself, because I’m an asshole who always thinks animals need her to interfere in their lives. Right after this thought popped into my head, a big wave came and pushed the turtle off the rocks. Then the turtle pushed his way back up on the rocks.

If he could speak I imagine he would have said, “Hey lady. The whole turtle thing? I got it. We’ve been around for millions of years. We know how the tide works. Now why don’t you just go home and write a blog post about this or something.”

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