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Why I’m not watching ‘The Voice’ this season


Yeah, so, I’m breaking up with “The Voice.” I’m not watching it this season. It’s over between us.

Any TV show that airs three nights a week, totaling four hours, is fuckin’ ridiculous. It’s an insult. It suggests that I don’t have other interests (or at least other TV shows I like to watch). It kinda pisses me off. “The Voice” is not “Game of Thrones” or “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad.” It’s a stupid singing competition show, which does not warrant four hours of my time.

Back in the day, I actually got paid to watch TV and write about it for a daily newspaper. True story. I watched a lot of TV. After I moved on from that job, I still tried to watch everything. It took me a while to figure out that I didn’t need to watch everything anymore.

In last couple of years, I’ve really cut back on my TV watching. I have! And now, due to the Spawn, my TV time is super limited. I have to pick and choose what to watch. I used to watch TV shows until the bitter end, but recently I’ve started calling it quits with shows. If I’m interested in adding a new show to my rotation, I have to cut something or the DVR fills up, and I start having anxiety attacks.

Earlier this year, I stopped watching “Glee” and “Project Runway,” both filled with people to annoying to spend time with. Surprisingly, I didn’t even bother with “The Newsroom.” Now I’ve decided not to turn my chair around for “The Voice.”

Honestly, I would have kept watching “The Voice,” but I’m not going to invest three nights a week. That’s just stupid. You know, one of the reasons I don’t watch “American Idol” anymore was the fact that the show just asked too much. It was on like four nights a week. That’s bullshit. I don’t just half-ass watch TV shows. Either I watch it all season long or I don’t. Four nights a week? No thanks.

One of the things I liked about “The Voice” originally was it was on one night a week. It was a pleasant little diversion. Last season, they expanded to two nights a week. I made it work by skipping the results show. And now it’s on three nights a week. Oh hell no! Not to mention, “The Voice” was just on this past May. You ask too much, NBC. You took a perfectly enjoyable show and overexposed it, and now I’m not going to watch it anymore. Well played, NBC. If it wasn’t for “Community,” “30 Rock” and “Parks & Recreation” I wouldn’t watch you at all.

Another show that I was going to watch but recently deleted from my DVR was “Major Crimes” on TNT. Don’t laugh. I really enjoyed “The Closer.” It was a guilty pleasure. I was fully prepared to watch this spinoff. Are you watching it? They added a teenager … to a cop show. He’s basically the Scrappy Doo of the show. It’s something called “The Cousin Oliver Factor,” which I wrote about for The San Francisco Examiner back in 2002, and I would totally link to it except their archives are gone. Sad.

So anyway, instead of wasting my time on these shows I’ve ordered “Homeland” on Netflix. I think it’s a better use of my TV viewing time. Also, the San Francisco Giants are going to the playoffs (fingers crossed), so I have a lot of baseball to watch. And, on top of that, “The Walking Dead” and “Treme” are going to start back up, so I will have no time to listen to prime time karaoke.

I feel confident I’m making the right choice. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “Homeland” is better than “The Voice.” Oh, and it’s Lauren Bacall month on Turner Classic Movies.

You’re welcome.


Author: The Sonia Show

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4 thoughts on “Why I’m not watching ‘The Voice’ this season

  1. Scrappy doo. Good call.

  2. Homeland is so good! You’ll love it! Much better choice.

  3. I assume you already watch Face Off? it is like Project Runway, but with judges you can respect!

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