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The recipe is on the side of a can, so it must be good, right?


Yeah, so, my coworker Paul and I make very different food for Thanksgiving.

We were hanging out in my cube, discussing our Thanksgiving menus. Paul’s menu was filled with gingered-this and saffron-that, and making cranberry sauce with an entire bottle of port.

Paul: “What did you make, Sonia?”
Me: “I made green bean casserole — you know, the kind with the canned cream of mushroom soup.”

He was horrified.

After he was done judging me, he said they served a kumquat cheesecake or something for dessert.

I was horrified.

Me: “No pumpkin pie?”
Paul: “Ew, no.”

Go ahead and judge the Mansfield’s “traditional” Thanksgiving feast, but it was all delicious. And no, I didn’t screw up the green bean casserole. I followed the recipe that was on the side of the can. It was a hit. So there.


Author: The Sonia Show

I'm a writer/podcaster/mother/goober in San Francisco who likes to drink beer, shop, laugh and make other people laugh, watch old movies, feed my unhealthy obsession with pop culture, kick breast cancer's ass, go on adventures with my mighty, mighty good man David and my awesome autistic son, Calvin, wear orange and root for the San Francisco Giants, participate in general jackass-ery, talk about TV, eavesdrop on strangers' conversations, make nerdy “Star Wars” and “Simpsons” references, and post personal things about myself on the web for all to read, which makes me some sort of literary exhibitionist.

3 thoughts on “The recipe is on the side of a can, so it must be good, right?

  1. While my household prescribes to the overly complicated school of thanksgiving, we do always have jellied cranberry sauce. You know, the kind that you slide straight out of the can and slice up. It’s not Thanksgiving without it!

  2. I’m a purist too. Thanksgiving isn’t the same without dishes your grandmother would eat, and I doubt she’d eat kumquat cheesecake.

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