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Our kid likes to read … NERD!


Yeah, so, the Spawn isn’t feeling well.

He’s got a runny nose and a nasty cough. I know he is teething. I can see the swollen gums, and I figured the runny nose and the cough were the result of that. Now, I’m not so sure. It’s been going on for almost week, and it just seems to get worse. Poor little guy. He’s not super sick. He’s not throwing up. He doesn’t have a fever. But, he definitely isn’t feeling well.

It’s a total bummer when The Boy is sick. Normally, he’s a very happy boy and very sweet. See?


Look how happy The Boy is riding around in the only car his parents are ever going to buy for him.

When he is sick he is difficult to entertain, and he gets upset easily – you know, like a human being. He thinks he’s people! When the kid gets upset he starts to get itchy. (The Boy has very mild eczema. He’s always been an itchy little creature.) So, on top of not feeling well, he’s itchy. I think you can imagine how awesome that must be.

Mighty, mighty good man David and I are both on vacation until Jan. 2. We’ve been driving to the East Bay a lot for Christmas Eve, Christmas, the day after Christmas (which is not a holiday, but we got my mom to watch The Boy for us so we could see “The Hobbit.” Review: It’s no “Lord of the Rings.” There are definitely things wrong with it, but it’s an entertaining movie. Also, it’s three hours long. Consider yourself warned.)

When we are not driving to the East Bay, we’re home, trying to keep The Boy warm and hopefully get him well. He’s walking a bit now. And while he is free to go almost anywhere in the house, he wants to be where he shouldn’t be: playing in the dog’s bowls, hanging out behind the Christmas tree, trying to get into the toilet, etc.

We’re also reading to him a lot. He’s really into books now. His favorite is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” David has been reading it to him since he was newborn.


I like to read “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.” If you haven’t read the “Pigeon” series, I highly recommend it. They are very fun.


Our friend Erika got Calvin a really great book for Christmas called “A is for Activist.” It’s all about protesting and fighting for human rights and shit like that. It’s the kind of book that makes people outside of San Francisco shake their heads and say, “Typical San Francisco.” We’re thinking about telling my mom it’s Calvin’s favorite book so she will read it to him whenever she babysits.


The Boy also loves some random animal book I picked up at the Oakland Zoo. It says things such as, “I have a long neck. I’m a giraffe.” The description of the zebra always makes me cringe: “I am stripy. I am a zebra.” Stripy? I don’t know … Stripy doesn’t seem like it should be a real word to me. I guess that’s just me.

Yesterday, Calvin discovered a book that was given to David for his birthday a few year ago by good buddies Beegs and Sass. It’s a picture book … sort of. It’s called, “Why Is Daddy In a Dress?: Asking Awkward Questions with Baby Animals.”


It’s not for kids, but Calvin doesn’t know that. The book has all these cute photos of animals with questions such as “Is it in yet?” and “Who clogged the toilet?” I think you get the idea.

So, I’ve been reading it to him. He likes it.

Me: “How much do you charge for a happy ending? And there’s a picture of a cat. Can you say, ‘cat?'”

After a few pages I put the book down, but Calvin keeps picking it up and handing it back to me. He’s into it. I can’t say no. He wants to read. Reading is fundamental and knowledge is power and all the jazz. Also, the book is really funny.


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3 thoughts on “Our kid likes to read … NERD!

  1. I agree. Strippy=Kandi Kane; Stripey=Zebra, and Stripy=not a word.
    Love “From the authors of ‘Grandma’s Dead.'”

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