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Breaking eggs


Yeah, so, remember when I fed the Spawn quiche and he threw up? Funny story. It turns out he is allergic to eggs. Oh wait, that’s not a funny story.

Following the advice of my friend Sara, who commented on my blog that maybe my baby throwing up quiche was more than an entertaining blog post and most likely a food allergy, I took The Boy to the allergy clinic. I described what happened when I fed him the quiche, and the doctor narrowed it down to eggs.

On the phone in the waiting room.

On the phone in the waiting room.

They tested for egg allergy by poking him in the back with three different needles, one of which was egg, the others were control shots or something. The egg test immediately made a red welt on his back. It was obvious that he was allergic to eggs. Still, he had to wait 20 minutes after the poke, so they could measure the welt. Unfortunately, The Boy isn’t interested in sitting in an exam room patiently. He’s all about walking. He walked up and down the hallway and all over the waiting room with no shirt on (you can’t cover up where the injections were made), showing off his pony keg abs and red welts on his back.


Even before the allergy test, Calvin walked the halls and waved to everyone in their offices.

Unsurprisingly, he flirted with every nurse. Everyone in that waiting room was a good sport, because instead of being annoyed with my walking, giggling kid, most people waved at him, smiled at him, and asked what he was allergic to. I know that The Boy was really itchy, so I appreciated that everyone was being so nice and helping us distract him.

I still can’t believe he’s allergic to eggs. I fed him scrambled eggs before. I would never have let him eat quiche if I hadn’t given him egg before. It’s possible he didn’t eat enough of the scrambled egg to matter. He was pretty young.

We’re so lucky that his allergic reaction to that quiche wasn’t worse. I’m not sure how severe this allergy is. I mean, he eats things such as waffles all the time, and they are made with at least one egg. I just won’t be making him an omelet anytime soon.

Before we left the allergy clinic, the nurse demonstrated to us how to use an EpiPen if Calvin’s allergic reaction is severe, which is a really scary thought. I used to have an EpiPen because I’m allergic to bees, but I stopped eating bees so I never renewed my prescription.

So, yeah, The Boy is allergic to eggs. The doctor said some kids outgrow this kind of allergy, and she plans to retest him when he is 3 years old. In the meantime, no Egg McMuffins for Calvin.


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