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Spoiler alert! Our nanny is way smarter than me


Yeah, so, we are very fortunate in that we have a really great child care setup. We are doing a nannyshare with another couple in our neighborhood. Our nanny is awesome, amazing and super knowledgeable. I don’t know how many times she has helped me.

You see, I don’t know jack about babies. I know The Boy pretty well, obviously, and I read books and blogs, and try to keep one step ahead of his development so I’m ready for the next thing. But I don’t have any experience, really. She has been so great at letting me know when he’s ready to move on to the next big thing. She has been an invaluable resource.

For example, last night I picked him up from nannyshare, and the Spawn was fighting me while I tried to put him in his car seat. If you have a toddler, you probably know what I’m talking about. He gets stiff as a board and refuses to sit down, while crying and flailing his arms around. It sucks. Ugh, and if you’re in a public parking lot it’s even worse. Sometimes there’s someone in a car waiting to take your spot, and you know they are pissed because you are taking too long, and everyone looks at you like you are doing something horrible to your kid. The WORST. Last night, it was taking me a really long time to get him in the seat. Finally, Yolanda offered to try. She stuck her hand under this butt and tilted up her hand. He slid back into the seat. “Vamonos. Vamonos,” she said (That’s “let’s go” in Spanish, FYI). He was still crying, but at least he was sitting so she could buckle the seat. Seriously. It was like magic.


In the past, when I dropped The Boy off, he might fuss a little about my departure, but he was easily distracted with Cheerios or a toy. But, a few weeks ago, The Boy started getting really upset when I dropped him off at the nannyshare. Separation anxiety: Oh goodie! He was clinging to me and crying. I basically had to run out the front door. It was so awful and sad. I would get all choked up in the car. It wasn’t the most awesome way to start my day.

The other father at nannyshare, John, witnessed this separation anxiety firsthand several mornings in a row. He offered me this piece of advice to cheer me up: “You know that scene in action movies where they walk away in slow motion with the explosions going on behind them, and they don’t turn back and look? It’s kinda like that.” Ha!

Finally, last week, Yolanda decided to try something new: “Let’s walk Mommy to the porch and say bye-bye.” And you know what? It worked. At first, there was just a little whining and a reluctant wave bye-bye. Now, there is no whining or crying when I drop him off. Yolanda and Calvin walk me to the porch. I kneel down and say, “I love you. Be sweet to Yolanda,” and I kiss him. He waves bye and blows me a kiss. I still get all choked up in the car, but now it’s because I don’t want to leave. I think I’m getting separation anxiety.


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4 thoughts on “Spoiler alert! Our nanny is way smarter than me

  1. I never knew voila was Spanish! And our nanny does the same thing for us. I love it.

  2. I had to do the walking away from the explosions thing. I did it so much, that now that she’s a kid, I sometimes forget to say good-bye to her.

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