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Yeah, so, I’m so sorry to neglect you this week, my tens of readers, but I’m still recovering from the weddingnado.

We had back-to-back weekend weddings. The first one was in San Francisco, but was over two days. The second wedding, for David’s niece, took place in lovely Bodega Bay on Friday, and it required an overnight stay in a motel in Santa Rosa, followed by a Saturday trip to Russian River Brewing Company, because – duh – beer.

(One of my longest friends, Amanda, is getting hitched in September, so we have one more wedding this year, unless you have something you want to tell us, dear readers. Send your save-the-date cards now, because we are going fast.)

The second wedding was the first wedding that the Spawn attended, which was fun. We dressed him up in a little suit jacket and hat, because we only had a baby for two reasons: 1) So we could dress him up; 2) David is allergic to cats.


The Spawn is a smooth criminal.

The Spawn did a little bit of dancing during the reception. He’s a very cute dancer, but he mainly just ran around, ate crackers, and demanded that people look at him and smile, because that’s his thing.


People say that the Spawn looks just like me, but I think it’s pretty obvious in this photo that he’s got his dad’s profile.

We left the wedding around 9:30 p.m., which is about 2 1/2 hours after The Boy’s bedtime, and about 30 minutes before my bedtime. Instead of hauling our ass back to San Francisco, we booked a room at a motel in Santa Rosa. It was a perfectly fine room, but with one queen size bed, which meant we were all sharing.

Hey, I know that plenty of parents do the whole co-sleeping thing. We do not. Imagine my surprise when Calvin got immediately into bed and went right to sleep. He slept great. Us? Not so much. The Boy is a wiggle worm. We were constantly getting kicked in the back and ribs, and I even got a kick in the face, which I suspect was on purpose.

The next morning, we went to the Russian River Brewing Company, because I don’t know if you know this, but David and I really love beer, and they serve beer there. We were those people — the ones who drag their toddler into a brewery/restaurant. Sorry, folks, but we weren’t going to pass through Santa Rosa without going to Russian River Brewing. Not. Gonna. Happen.

We set up a laptop playing The Wiggles (with super low sound so as not to disturb others), and while Calvin quietly watched this DVD that he never seems to tire of, we drank our beer. (Side note: Has anyone written about how much pussy The Wiggles got back in the day? I suspect The Wiggles got a lot of action from single moms. I bet there were groupies.)

So anyway, I got the sour beer taster, because they had a ton of sour beer on the menu and I couldn’t decide. I was quite smitten with the sour porter, Propitiation, while David loved the Shadow of a Doubt porter. He was so in love that he bought several bottles to bring home and a growler — our first-ever growler. And now, growlers are David’s thing, The next day we drove to Speakeasy in San Francisco and got a growler of their Scarface Stout, because we are growler people now.

By the way, did you know that Charles Schulz, creator of “Peanuts,” lived in Santa Rosa. True story. There’s even a Charles Schulz Museum. The town has Peanut character statues all over town. I spent some time with my sister from another mister while we were in town.


Nice photo, sir.


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2 thoughts on “Weddingnado

  1. At first glance, the first photo of the spawn looks like he has a cane in his hand. Calvin as pimp would an awesome look…just sayin’.

  2. A Charles Schulz museum? Cool! Me and my brother owned a whole box of Peanuts books that we confinscated from our neighbor’s garage sale when we were kids. We loved Snoopy! I’m going to be going through Santa Rosa next month and I wish I could stop. But I’ll be on a Greyhound bus. I doubt the bus will linger there long enough for me to peruse the museum! 😦

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