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Super happy fun touristy San Francisco weekend


Yeah, so, we spent the weekend in San Francisco doing kinda touristy things, because the Bay Bridge was closed for the three-day weekend.

It’s funny how often we are driving over the bridge, heading into the East Bay for parties or going swimming at my sister’s place. We live in San Francisco, one of the greatest cities in the world, and we’re always hauling our asses over the Bay Bridge to hang out in Oakland or Concord. We pay outrageous San Francisco rent for nothing. GAWD!

So anyway, on Saturday, we went to the merry-go-round at Yerba Buena Center. Calvin has ridden merry-go-rounds a few times. When he saw this one, he got really excited and started running towards it. But, when it came time to get on a horse, he wasn’t having it. So, mighty, mighty good man David and Calvin rode in one of those seats on the merry-go-round while I took photos and Vines and got dizzy and almost puked. Oh, the things I will do to capture the moment on film and social media.

By the way, are you on Vine? I’m on Vine. We should follow each other or whatever. Mine is under my twitter name “TheSoniaShow.” Also, I hope you like Vines because this blog post is filled with them.

On Sunday, we went to the San Francisco Zoo. The zoo is filled with amazing, beautiful animals, but – once again – the Spawn loved the weasel ball the best. He even tried to share his food with it.

The Boy loved all the animals, especially the kangaroos and the monkeys.


Can I haz a monkey?

My favorite thing at the San Francisco Zoo are the penguins. I fuckin’ love penguins. I think they are the best. And, finally, for the first time ever, the stars were aligns, and our timing was just right, and we got to watch them feed the penguins. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I almost cried I was so happy. We got to the penguin area a few minutes before their scheduled feeding time, and they knew food was coming. They were all just hanging out, waiting.


Can I haz a penguin?

I loved watching them feed the penguins. There were two men, and one of them had a clipboard and he was making sure all the penguins got fed. Some of the penguins were being little pigs. After they got their designated amount of fish, they were still pushing other penguins out of the way, so the handler would gently usher them to the water. It was pretty damn cute. The way they clamored around and begged, it reminded me of Homer. I can’t eat in my house without Homer at my feet or sitting next to me, humming at me or drooling. I wish I could gently usher him into some water when I think he’s had enough.

Other things we saw at the zoo: six – six! – kids with rat tails. WTF? I almost called Child Protective Services. What an awful thing to do to a child? I think a rat tail is a serious matter, and in order to get one you should have to be the legal age of consent, which in this state is 18. Get to work, Congress!

So, The Boy rode in the stroller at a little bit at the zoo, but he mostly walked and ran. That kid loooves to run. I think we should build him a track for his birthday. We left the zoo around 5, and he instantly fell asleep in the car. David carried him upstairs, and we were thinking, he will be up in a few minutes. He didn’t wake up until 8:30 the next morning! That hasn’t happened since he was a baby. I’m going to start taking him to the zoo every weekend.

On Monday, we decided to go to the Aquarium by the Bay at Pier 39.

If you don’t know what Pier 39 is, allow me to describe it to you. Imagine the most touristy thing ever. It’s where tourists go in San Francisco to buy novelty magnets and eat overpriced clam chowder in a bread bowl. It’s where you can find Bubba Gump’s and a Hard Rock Cafe. In other words, it’s awesome.

At Pier 39, there is an aquarium. It’s not very big, and it’s not an awesome spectacle like the California Academy of Sciences, which is on the pricier side and often very crowded. But it’s a perfectly fine aquarium, and I figured it’s a good place to see if Calvin is even interested.

“Pier 39 will be busy,” I said to David. “It’s a three-day weekend, and it doesn’t matter if the bridge is closed. The tourists are in San Francisco. But I don’t think the aquarium is ever THAT busy.”

Ha ha. I’m stupid.

It was totally busy.

Also, even with a “locals” discounts, we spent $36 on tickets for a pretty quick trip under the sea. Luckily, Calvin was into it, and we had a good time.


Up on the shore they work all day. Out in the sun they slave away. While we devotin’. Full time to floatin’. Under the sea.

The Spawn was really interested in the fish for a while. Then he was just more interested in running and running and running … He just ran back and forth outside the gift shop for a while, so we just hung out until he got tired, because it’s not like we have anything to do. We went there for him. In this Vine, you will see that I started chasing him with one of those creepy disembodied animal heads, in which you pull a trigger to open and close its mouth. Those things are so fun. I can’t believe I didn’t buy it.

Oh, and did I mention they sell novelty magnets there?


It’s the perfect souvenir for a touristy San Francisco weekend.


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6 thoughts on “Super happy fun touristy San Francisco weekend

  1. That’s so funny about the merry-go-round. When I was 3 or 4, my family used to make fun of me because my brother and all my cousins would jump on a horse, but I liked the bench. I just wanted to go around in leisurely comfort! I also had a ceramic horse head on my bedroom wall that would creepily come alive in my dreams… that could’ve been a factor in my choice as well.

  2. Good advice. No creepy ceramic horse head in the Spawn’s room …

  3. Yeah, I’m a Vinester, too, under my real name, even: Frank Gallagher, aka The Six-Second Spielberg.

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