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I went to Toys R Us so you don’t have to


Yeah, so, there are a ton of horrible Halloween costumes in those Halloween Spirit stores. Everyone writes about them every year. I wrote about them last year.

I haven’t been into a Halloween Spirit store this year, because we have our costumes all picked out and ordered. And no, I’m not going to tell what we are dressing up as because I don’t like spoilers.

However, mighty, mighty good man David and I did go to Toys R Us, and they have Halloween costumes for kids. There are all kinds of inappropriate costumes at the Halloween Spirit store for kids. I’ve seen a lot of “naughty” cats and “dancer” (i.e. stripper) costumes. Basically, costumes that too sexual for little girls and too violent, gross and/or stupid for little boys. I figured all the costumes at Toys R Us would be princesses, lady bugs, cowboys and popular cartoon characters, properly licensed by Toys R Us. Then I saw these:



Seems wrong, right?

These aren’t costumes for adults or even teenagers. They are for kids. I get that little kids know about zombies. Zombies are in video games, cartoons and Pixar movies, but little kids shouldn’t know anything about “The Walking Dead,” the TV show. That show is extremely violent, depressingly dark and – dammit – it made me cry! It’s definitely not for younger viewers. Hell, it’s too dark and violent for my husband to watch! I think these costumes are for kids ages 5-7. These kids shouldn’t know who Rick Grimes is and want to be him for Halloween.  Also, Rich Grimes is an annoying character, so no one should be him for Halloween, but that’s for another blog post.

Maybe this is just a case of “The Walking Dead” branding itself. Is this purely a marketing/branding thing, or do kids actually watch “The Walking Dead?” If so, should I let the Spawn watch it? He’s going to be 2 on Saturday.

Oh, and here’s a couple of cars I found in the Hot Wheels section at Toys R Us:



Are kids these days really into “The Brady Bunch” and “Hagar the Horrible?” Sadly, I couldn’t find the “Drabble” car. Maybe I need to get it online.


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5 thoughts on “I went to Toys R Us so you don’t have to

  1. I didn’t even know ol’ Hagar was still around. The fact that there’s a Hot Wheels of him almost cancels out the Walking Dead costumes. Almost.

  2. I think all of these items are intended for adults to get excited about and by for their kids. I wonder if Don Draper would approve.

    Also, it’s Rick, not Rich. For a second I thought he had an annoying brother that I forgot about.

  3. Sounds like these things (the costumes, and even the matchbox cards) are marketed more towards parents! I’m sure there are parents who allow their kids to watch The Walking Dead with them, and would think it would be cute to see their children dressed as one of the characters. When I worked as an aide in a first grade classroom, there were a lot of kids who listened to music like Eminem and had seen R-rated movies in theatres… all in the company of their parents, who think it is adorable. As for the cars, I don’t know if kids watch the Brady Bunch or know who Hagar is, but maybe parents with nostalgia would buy those for their children!

  4. I was searching for a Halloween movies list & your picture of The Brady Car came up. I thought it was cool! Clicked then read your rant and rave. Oh god just shut up you crazy nut.

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