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Hosting a toddler birthday party is kinda stressful, you guys


Yeah, so, we hosted our first little kid party on Saturday, and – spoiler alert – we survived.

We held the Spawn’s second birthday at our place. We wanted to keep things casual, so we bought a bunch of take ‘n’ bake pizzas, and filled the fridge with juice pouches and beer. We did a little bit of decorating with streamers, and we bought party hats and had stickers made for everyone to wear. They looked like this:


Funny story. Apparently, a lot of my family and friends don’t know what the company I work for actually does. “Where did you get these stickers?” “Umm, at my work.” I work for a printing company, and we print stuff.

We also bought a small helium tank at Target for balloons. All kids like balloons, right? Turns out Calvin doesn’t dig ’em. In fact, when they get too close to him he starts to make a little nervous face.


Put the camera down, lady, and take these far away from me.

I think everyone had a good time. Why do I say, “I think?” Well, because, when you have a house full of people and you’re the host, you only get to talk to each guest for a few minutes. I got the general “we’re having a good time vibe,” so I think we did pretty OK. Almost all the beer is gone, so that’s a good sign. I kinda understand why parents hold kid parties at places such Chuck E. Cheese now. It’s more annoying (and filled with creepy animatronic talking animals), but it’s less work. Maybe next year we’ll take the party offsite.

A few things didn’t go as planned on Saturday. Apparently, traffic getting into San Francisco was really, really terrible, which makes me feel terrible. Please sit in traffic and come to my son’s birthday party. It’s totally worth it. You will be rewarded with egg-less sugar cookies.

Also, there was some issues with the pizzas. We were baking pizzas in the oven and some of the cheese dripped to the bottom of the oven and filled the house with smoke. That was awesome.

Later, I place a pizza on some wooden pizza thing that David bought and put it in the oven. I thought you were supposed to bake pizzas on it. Interesting story, it’s actually a pizza paddle, and you use it take pizzas off the oven rack and out of the oven. You don’t bake things on it, so now the paddle is warped, and I’m lucky I didn’t burn the house down. Yep. That’s right, everybody. I can’t even be trusted to bake a pre-made pizza, and, yes, being married to me is awesome, just in case you were wondering.

All of that stuff doesn’t really matter. The Boy seemed to have a good time. We bought him a ton of gifts, because he’s really cute, and we’re spoiling him. We got him a water table and a sand table, which we hope makes up for the fact that we don’t have a backyard.


We also bought him an old-fashioned metal Tonka dump truck, which he loves.


Oh, and it wasn’t all gifts for the Spawn at his party. My birthday is on Wednesday (I accept cash, gift cards and compliments), so there were a few gifts for me. My parents bought me a bird bath, and my grandma bought me a bird feeder because I’m turning into a crazy bird lady. But, my friends Jess and Jeff bought me something I actually need.


Cheers! I’ll drink to that.


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4 thoughts on “Hosting a toddler birthday party is kinda stressful, you guys

  1. “…we bought a bunch of take ‘n’ bake pizzas, and filled the fridge with juice pouches and beer.” This sounds like the greatest Saturday ever.

    Also, a happy early birthday! Many happy returns and happy pocket shots!

  2. I was always scared of balloons too when I was a kid. They pop!

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