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Star Wars lunch box: Because hunger is the path to the Dark Side


Yeah, so, the Spawn starts preschool on Wednesday.

Wednesday is also mighty, mighty good man David’s birthday. I took the day off from work so we could spend the day together and celebrate. Sadly, for him I will probably be like this all day …


No doubt, I will worry all day long, because I’m ridiculous. We did a little orientation Monday at the school. There was a man playing a guitar, and all the kids were clapping along. After the music,their lunches were sitting out for them. All of the kids were happy and having a good time. You’d think this would calm my fears. Instead, I became hyper-focused on a lunchbox for Calvin, and started worrying that Calvin isn’t ready.

Spoiler alert! He’s ready. Here’s his lunch box.


Just in case you were wondering, I’m raising him right.

He’s been with a nanny for the past two years. There hasn’t really been a set schedule, and there was only one other boy. Now there are like eight other kids his age in his class, and there are rules. My boy is stubborn. He’s the honey badger. He’s a rebel, Dottie. He doesn’t play by the rules. In other words, he’s in for an adjustment. It’s good for him, but he won’t think so at first. It’s going to be difficult. There will be tears.

It’s probably good that I took the day off.

He's getting really tall.

Cute Spawn.


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2 thoughts on “Star Wars lunch box: Because hunger is the path to the Dark Side

  1. I can’t get over how stinkin’ adorable your kid is in every picture! My son just turned 4 (yesterday, as a matter of fact) and has been on a waitlist for preschool for about a year, because apparently that’s what you do in L.A. He’s very honeybadger-y too and could definitely use the structure preschool will provide. However, I really like him the way he is. I get all teary just thinking about him going to school.

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