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Preschool achievement unlocked


Yeah, so, I think it went pretty OK. The Spawn started preschool on Wednesday, and no one got hurt.

Forgetting your lunch is the path to the Dark Side, son.

Forgetting your lunch is the path to the Dark Side, son.

We walked into the school with him, and he immediately took a seat at the little table with the other kids, who were eating second breakfast, because toddlers are like hobbits. He declined to have cereal, too, because I assume he is watching his weight. I kid. He likes dry cereal and tends to snub cereal with milk, because he is a weirdo.

Baby steps.

Baby steps.

The teacher was able to distract him with some books, so we could sneak out. She reported to us later that there were some tears, but it was only for a few minutes, and he sat on her lap during story time. There were tears on our end, too. David got to watch me cry in the car.


The woman running the preschool emailed me around lunchtime saying that Calvin was having a great first day. They were enjoying “trying to figure out his preferred ways of communication.” That’s a nice way of saying, “your kid babbles.” I’m not joking when I say it sounds like this:

Adorable? Yes. Easy to understand? Nope.

Apparently, everything was going well for Calvin until nap time.

All of the kids took their naps on their little mats after lunch. Calvin, on the other hand, threw a couple of fits. Awesome.

The teacher ushered him out of the room, and asked him what was wrong, which was met with “Mahna mahna” and more crying.

I know exactly what is wrong. He wanted milk. The first thing he did was go into my purse to look for milk like a junkie when I walked through the door to pick him up. He likes milk before nap time, but he can’t have milk before nap time or every kid will want milk before nap time.

Also, he’s not used to napping in a room full of kids. He was in a nannyshare situation before this with one other boy, and they napped in separate rooms. When it comes to adjusting to preschool, day care kids are going to have it easier than nannyshare/stay-at-home parent kids, in that regard.

I’m hoping that after a few more times, he will learn that he’s not getting a bottle of milk before his nap. But, to be safe, I’m going to pack a little carton of milk in his lunch. Maybe that will be enough to give him his fix. I don’t want him to be labeled a “problem child” and get kicked out a preschool, but of course, he wouldn’t be the first Mansfield child to get kicked out of school.



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4 thoughts on “Preschool achievement unlocked

  1. That sounds like a good first day for Calvin. I remember my first day of preschool, 1973. My mother and I arrived at the classroom door to find a display of plain boy name tags and decorated girl name tags. Of course, I wanted the more stylish girl name tag. I was denied. And without any understanding of—or appreciation for—the aesthetic, I was forced at that moment into the minimalist style of being male. I wasn’t saved from this until the 1980s, when pink Izod polos made it okay to wear something other than brown, hunter green or navy blue.

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