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Valentine’s Day Fail


Yeah, so, the following is a story that clearly demonstrates how clueless I am in the ways of preschool culture.

Remember how the Spawn started preschool last week? Well, on his second day of class there was a Valentine’s Day party on Friday, in which parents could go and make a little Valentine’s Day crafts with their kid. Well, the party wasn’t just about the crafts. It was also an opportunity for the kids to hand out their Valentine’s Day cards to the other kids.

But guess who didn’t know that?

Spoiler alert! It was me.

Seriously, it didn’t even cross my mind that Calvin should hand out Valentine’s Day cards. He’s 2. He doesn’t even know what Valentine’s Day is. He wouldn’t even want to eat the candy. So, The Boy brought home a box of completely adorable Valentine’s Day cards, and we didn’t hand out even one card.

I feel like a complete cad. I’m embarrassed. The preschool teachers probably think I’m a dick, and they would be right.

Have I mentioned how much I suck at first impressions?


By the way, this is the card that Calvin is going to give to every kid on Valentine’s Day until he is old enough to pick out his own cards.


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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Fail

  1. I think it was kind of a dick move for the teachers not tell let everyone know there was going to be a valentine exchange. If I don’t have explicit instructions at least a week in advance, I’m blaming somebody else.

    • So, here’s the thing: The teacher sent out an evite about the party, and I responded yes and wrote the time on my calendar. I never went back to the evite, because I already responded. David went to the party, and when he told me about the cards, I went back to the evite, and there was added language about handing out cards. So, really, my problem is I’m too prompt in my responses.

  2. If this is your worst faux pas, you need to go buy a lottery tickets. 🙂

  3. I would not want to be the preschool teacher in charge of coordinating all those two-year-olds to hand out Valentine cards! Maybe you can just pretend to be culturally confused… next month at around this time, show up with leprechaun cards for everyone!

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