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Baked Nebraska, Dallas Fryers Club and other Oscar-related things


Yeah, so, after the Great Cupcake Incident of 2014, I decided to use our Oscar party as an excuse to bake vegan cupcakes for the Spawn.

I used a vegan cupcake recipe I got off, and a regular ol’ butter cream frosting recipe. I don’t want to brag, but … I’m totally going to brag. The cupcakes turned out awesome! I think they are the best I’ve ever made.

Beater? I hardly know her. Wah wah.

Beater? I hardly know her. Wah wah.

It made me really happy to make a baked good that The Boy could finally eat. I’m not going to lie, I got a little misty when after mixing up cupcakes, I let Calvin lick the beater. It’s something that just screams “mom” to me. It’s so mommy. I loved having that little moment.

So anyway, our Oscar party requires Oscar nominee-themed food, so the cupcakes were called “Baked Nebraska.”

Baked Nebraska

Baked Nebraska

Here are some of the other dishes from the party.


Dallas Fryers Club


The Cheese of Ball Street

Overall, the party was a success. I mean, I think everyone had a good time.We watched the Red Carpet and played our annual game of “What’s wrong with her face?” Good buddy Kate and I played a little drinking game, in which we drank every time someone used the word “journey.”

As for the Oscar pool, I predicted 19 out of 24 categories, which isn’t as good as I usually do (#humblebrag), but still a decent showing. Not good enough to beat good buddy Roger, who won the grand prize — a cube of wine. I know. We so fancy. Roger tried to give an acceptance speech, but he was interrupted by Homer.


“Imma let you finish, but I’m the great Oscar wiener of all time.”

In other news, my computer is busted, so a new computer is in the works. Until then there may be an interruption in your The Sonia Show service.


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6 thoughts on “Baked Nebraska, Dallas Fryers Club and other Oscar-related things

  1. Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

  2. Those food names are slammin.
    What comes to mind is using “12 Years A ________(insert food name here)”

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