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The Spawn has a fever, and the cure isn’t more cowbell


Yeah, so, you guys are never going to guess what happened … The Spawn started preschool this month, and now he’s totally sick. Weird, right? I mean, toddlers are well known for not spreading germs, so this is really a shock. *end of sarcasm*

When it comes to being sick, we’ve been pretty lucky with our boy. He’s had a few colds, and there was the time he had to get tubes in his ears, but – in general – our kid has been pretty healthy. Well, until this weekend. Hmm, actually, let me back up. A runny nose and a little cough appeared last week, but it didn’t seem that bad, and he didn’t complain, so we were business as usual all week. But on Saturday, the runny nose and the cough seemed a little worse, and he got lethargic and grouchy. Sure enough, he had a little fever, which hit 103 pretty quickly.

We don’t believe in vaccines or medicine, so we just put him in the car in the sun and hoped that he would sweat it out. I kid. We’re the opposite of that. We think medicine and vaccines are awesome.

When the Spawn’s fever hit 103, David called the advice nurse. While he was on the phone, I tried to keep a calm demeanor, but in my mind I was trying to decide if it was faster to call 911 or drive the kid to the hospital ourselves. I mean, our drive would only be to the hospital while the ambulance would have to drive to our house and then back to the hospital; however, they get to run red lights, and that needed to be factored in. Oh, and have I mentioned that I tend to overreact, medically speaking. I think it has something to do with the time a doctor told me that I mostly likely didn’t have cancer, but I did.

The advice nurse’s advice was children’s Tylenol, liquids and close monitoring throughout the night, and she scheduled a doctor appointment for the morning.

I spent most of Saturday laying on the couch, which I would normally consider an awesome Saturday, but I had a sweating, feverish toddler laying on top of me. And because I didn’t want to wake the kid, I would sometimes text David to bring me things such as a glass of water, even though he was just in the other room. I’m glad we got that unlimited texting plan.

It was a rough night. Calvin went to bed at 8. We knew that we were in for a long night, and we were in bed by 9:30 p.m., which is about 90 minutes earlier than we usually go to bed on a Saturday night because we really know how to party these days. After that, one of us was up every two hours. Parenting is fun.

The next day we learned that Calvin had an infection in both ears and his right lung. The doctor debated doing a chest x-ray, but decided that since she was going to prescribe drugs for the ears anyway, the x-ray was probably unnecessary, but if he didn’t improve we would come back. Poor kid. He is taking a crazy amount of antibiotics, which didn’t really kick in until today. (By the way, I thought kids with tubes in their ears weren’t supposed to get ear infections? That’s why most kids get tubes – they get chronic ear infections. Calvin never had an ear infection until now.)

The Boy spent Sunday doing pretty much the same thing he did on Saturday.

Awww, he thinks he's people.

Awww, he thinks he’s people.

When they are not feeling well, toddlers like to sleep on the couch. Toddlers: They’re just like us.

Today, he is much better. The fever is gone. He is dancing around the house again. He’s eating some. He’s even taking a nap, which is how I managed to find the time to write a blog post. Success!

The fever is gone, but it’s been replaced with cabin fever. He’s stuck in the house with me and Homer.

We’ve been spending our day looking out the window and doing a lot drawing. Let me confess to you that I am a terrible artist. David, on the other hand, is really good. I mean, check out the drawing he did of me in the masthead or this. Unfortunately, Calvin is stuck with me today, so the art has been less than impressive.

So, for your public mocking I present to you, dear readers, a drawing I did for Calvin.



I know, right? We have a squirrel that likes to hang out on our deck, and Calvin thinks it is hilarious when the squirrel sits on the deck chair or gets in the bird bath.

In a few days, Calvin will start drawing better than me. Also, it gets worse. Check out the family portrait.


Now, in defense of how terrible this one is, I drew us as stick figures first, but then added clothes. I don’t want you to think that I drew us with see-through outfits. Also, why is Homer so long? Seriously. I need to take an art class or something.

I am debating bringing these drawings into the office and hanging them in my cube, and when coworkers say, “Oh, did your son draw these?” I will reply, “No, I did. HOW DARE YOU?” Oh, that reminds me of one of the funniest things I have ever read on the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the man who graded his coworkers’ children’s artwork. You’re welcome.


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3 thoughts on “The Spawn has a fever, and the cure isn’t more cowbell

  1. Oh man! Glad he’s feeling better, hope the drugs work. Preschool is definitely a full germ immersion experience. I’ve reached the conclusion that we’re basically paying good money for immune system bootcamp. Fun.

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