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Alphabet city

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Yeah, so, The Kid is obsessed with the alphabet right now.

He points at every letter in books, on TV, the letter magnets on the fridge, and he says most of them. He is always handing me crayons, and I write them out on paper for him, and we sing the song. It’s pretty cute. I bought him some letters for the tub.


I wanted to encourage his new hobby so I went through his books to find an ABC book. He didn’t have one (crap parenting alert!), but he found this one on the shelf.


Our friend Erika bought this for Calvin when he was just a baby. We all had a good laugh, and we put it on the shelf. Now, Calvin loves it. He flips through it all the time, and points out the letters and repeats them. I bought him a couple of other ABC books, but he doesn’t respond to them like he does this one.


I’m looking forward to him bringing it out for the next babysitter to read.

Of course, for a while our boy was really into “Baby Do My Banking,” which is just one of a series of hilarious books that were given to us by my friend Barbie.


There are other books: “Baby Make Me a Drink,” “Baby Fix My Car,” but The Kid really likes “Baby Do My Banking.” I really wanted him to like “Baby Make Me Breakfast.” Oh well.




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One thought on “Alphabet city

  1. There is a great app called Endless Alphabet that I credit with Kenzie learning words like musician and x-ray. It’s also a great way to keep her occupied while I’m doing important things like reading blogs.

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