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We need to talk about Chica


Yeah, so, we need to talk about Chica.

Parents, you know what I’m talking about, right? Folks without kids, allow me to explain.

Chica is a chicken puppet, who hosts the morning show, “The Sunny Side Up Show,” on Sprout, which is a TV network for preschoolers. Sprout airs preschooler-friendly programming such as “Sesame Street,” “Kipper,” “Caillou” (please read this epic takedown of “Caillou” – it’s amazing) and Calvin’s favorite “Super Why.”

“The Sunny Side Up Show” is Sprout’s “Today” show but without a drunk Kathie Lee. “The Sunny Side Up Show” is hosted by Chica and a rotating cast of humans. I am not making this up. Also, Chica doesn’t really talk. She squeaks, and the host pretends like they understand her.

Chica: [squeaking noises]
Human host: “That’s right, Chica! It’s time for ‘Bob the Builder.'”

So, yeah, I don’t get it. Why is there a show for kids that is hosted by puppet that cannot be understood? Shouldn’t preschooler-friendly shows be teaching preschoolers about words and letters, and encouraging children to communicate, instead of having an adult translate for them?

Who came up with Chica?

TV executive: “We should create a morning show for toddlers and have it hosted by a dog’s squeak toy.”
TV executive assistant: “You’re a genius, sir!”

I don’t understand the appeal of Chica, but The Kid and The Dog are into it.

The Spawn and Homer watching "The Chica Show."

The Spawn and Homer watching “The Chica Show.”

Everything that is happening around Chica makes sense to me. I understand why kids would like to watch it. The hosts sing songs, announces birthdays and introduces the next show. But Chica just makes squeaking noises. I guess a squeaking puppet is a good way to get a preschoolers attention. I mean, they could have made “The Sunny Side Up” cohost a set of dangling car keys, but car keys don’t really have the emotional range of a dog’s squeak toy.

Please feel free to vent the comments about Chica, or any other kid show that makes you think “WTF?”


Author: The Sonia Show

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5 thoughts on “We need to talk about Chica

  1. Have you seen Chica’s actual show? It’s basically that, but half an hour long and with animated segments, so instead of a squeaking puppet, she’s a squeaking cartoon. We watched on episode on Netflix or Amazon or somewhere, and Chica has now been stricken from our house. Luckily, Squatch got kinda bored with it quickly.

    He did, however, come over to check it out when I played that video clip, so thanks for letting that virus back in our house. You’re a pal.

  2. My family loves Chica, my husband and I included. A lot of effort was put into casting and making Chica expressive. Somewhere along the line adults get jaded and seem to lose their ability to tap into the wonder and happiness that make children enjoy something as delightfully effective and smart as The Chica Show, and I find that really sad.

  3. My mom and Christian my baby brother like to walk from Zachary West

  4. My name is yaxman am 10 and I still watch you is that a bad thing

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