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The Curious Case of Curious George


Yeah, so, The Boy is really into “Curious George” right now, and by “really into” I mean “REALLY INTO.” He won’t watch anything else. You put on “Thomas the Tank Engine,” which he was REALLY INTO a month ago, and he immediately starts pointing at the TV. “George. George. George.”

“Curious George” is fine. It’s an adorable PBS cartoon about a man who dresses weird and lives with a monkey that he is raising like it’s his own son. Michael Jackson did that, and we all thought he was weird, but apparently we’re all fine with making a cartoon for children about it. That’s cool.

Calvin is so into “Curious George” I thought it was a good idea to buy the first book for him. I hadn’t read it since I was a child. It doesn’t hold up very well, if you ask me. Just in case you don’t remember the story, allow me to share it with you:


Once upon a time there was a happy, little monkey named George, who lived in the jungle.


Then some asshole in yellow hat came along and decided to kidnap George and take him from the jungle. There is no mention of George’s family, but I’m sure they are wondering where he is, hanging missing person posters all over the jungle and going on the local news pleading for his return.


 The Asshole in the Yellow Hat brings George on to a boat bound for New York, where George tries to escape by flying, because he is a monkey and doesn’t know any better. He falls into the ocean and almost drowns.


In New York City, George gets into all kinds of mishaps and ends up in jail because he is not white. The Asshole in the Yellow Hat bails him out and takes him to his new home.


George goes to live in the zoo, because all animals love to live in the zoo. The end.

I don’t want to talk shit about the zoo. I love taking The Boy to the zoo. BUT, have you ever seen a chimpanzee that was stoked to be living in a zoo? I haven’t. They always look horribly depressed. We don’t stop by the chimpanzees when we are at the zoo, because it totally bums us out.

So, yeah, I don’t remember the “Curious George” book being such a bummer. I’m sure the other books in the series are way more fun. And the cartoon, like I said, is cute. Calvin loves it. He dances to the theme song and laughs out loud when he watches it. Fine. I’ll admit it, even I have laughed a few times watching it. I’m not made of stone, people. As far as kid-friendly programming goes, “Curious George” is pretty non-offensive. It’s no “Barney” or “Caillou” is what I’m saying.

So, while everyone else is binge watching “Orange Is The New Black” and “House of Cards,” we are binge watching “Curious George” on Netflix. We have watched six seasons of “Curious George.” According to Wikipedia, there are two more seasons, but they are not on Netflix yet, so no spoilers, you guys! We don’t want the end ruined for us, but mighty, mighty good man David has a theory that it will turn out the entire series was a dream, and George will wake up in the zoo. I, on the other hand, think it will end with George waking up in bed with Michael Jackson.


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5 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Curious George

  1. The newer books are more in tune with the TV show, and fine. My mom sent me a bunch of my old Curious George books, and my favorite is the next book, where George escapes the zoo, has more experiences with white privilege, meets up with the cultural imperialist with the yellow hat, and then sells his movie rights for bananas, and inhales second hand smoke.

    It really was a simpler time back then.

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