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It’s bedtime


Yeah, so, things have been going really great with The Kid. We have a little nice, little thing going, and our bedtime routine was dialed in to the point where mighty, mighty good man David and I had time to launch our much-discussed podcast (which you should listen to). So then I thought, “Hey. Let’s totally ruin that bedtime routine and switch our kid to a toddler bed.”

nelson-hahaOh, what a fool I was.

It used to be we would announce, “It’s story time,” and then we go into Calvin’s room and read the same three books over and over, and then he goes to bed. Ta-dah!

Now, we announce, “It’s story time,” and The Kid runs around in his room like a crazy person. He rejects all books and eventually we put him in his bed and turn off the light, and he cries for a while. When he’s done acting a fool, we go back in and tuck him in. Later, we go back in to check on him, and he’s sleeping on the floor, and we move him to the bed.

This is during naptime. We don't put him to bed in pants and T-shirts.

This is during nap time. We don’t put him to bed in pants and T-shirts.

And now we are no longer sleeping through the night, because there is a middle of the night wake-up call from Calvin via the baby monitor, in which we have to go in and put him back into bed.

It sucks.

We were spoiled before. We were living the dream. And we can’t go back. We can never go back!


He’s 3. It’s time for him to sleep in a bed. Last week, Calvin walked into our bedroom and took David’s pillow. I have no idea why. He took it like he was supposed to or something: “Hey, Dad said I could have his pillow.” And then he brought it into his room and put it in his crib. I took it as a sign that maybe he was ready to move into a bed.

Part of the problem may be that his toddler bed is too small for him. He’s a pretty tall kid. We have ordered him a twin-size bed, and I think that will help.

I know that toddlers don’t exactly thrive on change, so a new bed will take some getting used to. It hasn’t even been a week. On the bright side, he stays in his room, even when he is crying, even with the door cracked open. After he settles down, we can hear him in his room reading to himself or playing with his toys, but we don’t go in there and force him back to bed. When he was in a crib, we would often hear him reading or playing, so his bedroom is a giant crib now.

So, my dear readers, any advice on how to get The Kid sleep in a bed and not on the floor?





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5 thoughts on “It’s bedtime

  1. We had a hell of a time with kenzie’s toddler bed transition so I’m the last one to offer advice. Maybe eventually he will decide on his own that the bed is more comfortable? The twin bed sounds like a good idea.

  2. When we were getting the cat used to the idea of having a baby in the house we put a layer of bubble wrap in the crib so if the cat jumped in the crib he would find bubble wrap, freak out and leave (cats don’t like bubble wrap). Of course when baby came we removed the bubble wrap. Maybe you can coat your boy’s floor in a layer of bubble wrap. Oh wait, he’s a boy. He would just stomp on it all night and nobody would ever sleep again. Sorry. Bad idea.

    • We bought a twin-size bed for him, and he loves it. No more sleeping on the floor. I really think the toddler bed was just too small for him. I might want to put bubble wrap on Calvin’s boy when we’re out to keep the dog out of it, though.

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