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Bed Again

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Yeah, so, mighty, mighty good man David is in LA this week for work, so it’s been just me, The Kid and The Dog.


I know it looks like he is trying to eat Homer’s head, but he’s actually kissing him.

Here’s a few things that happen when David is away:

  • Calvin and I will have popcorn for dinner at least one night, because I’m a lazy terrible mother, and popcorn is delicious, and it makes everyone happy.
  • I will watch a documentary that is super depressing – probably something about how all the food I love is slowly killing me or about how our justice system is jacked up.
  • I won’t sleep very well, because I will convince myself that every noise I hear is someone breaking into the house to murder us, and they will never catch the guy who did it, because our justice system is jacked up.

So anyway, I need to update you guys on the bed transition, because I know you have been wondering about it. We got The Kid a twin-size bed, and he loves it. He is no longer sleeping on the floor. See?


The floor was pretty cool, but this bed is way better.

Are you wondering what that thing is next to him in the bed? That’s his mobile. It projects happy animals on to the ceiling and plays music or nature sounds. He has had it since he was a newborn, and he LOVES it. Seriously, it’s the best thing we bought for him. We ditched the mobile part very early on, and just used the projector. He has been looking at it for three years now, and he still loves it. When we switched to the bed, there is no way to hook it up so it would project onto the ceiling. It turns out it doesn’t matter. He sleeps next to it, and the happy animals are projected onto the wall next to him. He loves to get into bed and turn it on.

So, the transition to the new bed is complete. He doesn’t even try to leave his room. He just sits in the bed and reads. A few times I’ve heard him get up around 9 p.m. and turn on the light, and he reads his books. Later, he will get back up and turn the light off, and climb back into bed … you know, like a human being would do. He thinks he’s people. Cute.

So, yeah, I bought a new jacket a few weeks ago, but because San Francisco doesn’t do winter until July, I haven’t had a chance to wear it. Lucky for me, it is actually rainy and cold this week, so I finally got to bust it out.


Happiness is a new coat.

I didn’t really need a new coat, but I put this on, and I felt like it was made for me. I love it. Also, I had a Macy’s gift card, so it wasn’t like it really cost me anything. Thanks, Mom!



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