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Santa’s little helper

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Yeah, so, we took The Boy to see Santa and – well – it went better than last year.

Last year, Calvin wouldn’t even get out of the stroller. In fact, he wouldn’t even let us roll the stroller into the store where Santa was. We rolled in and immediately rolled out.

This year, The Boy was willing to at least be in the vicinity of Santa. He gave Santa a high-five, and he was willing to stand next to him. We were able to at least get an awkward Santa photo. I consider this year’s Santa visit a success.


I love that you can see David is holding Calvin up in front of Santa for the photo op, and Santa is too polite to say, “WTF?”

A few of my coworkers have been asking if Calvin is super into Christmas this year, and when I tell them “no” they seem a little disappointed. They want to hear cute stories about Calvin freaking out about Santa and making Christmas lists or some shit like that. Each one that has asked has received the same answer: “He’s 3 and an only child. Every day is Christmas to Calvin.”

The Boy gets gifts practically every week from his ridiculous parents and his doting relatives. Christmas is just like any other day to him except the wrapping paper is more festive.

The one Christmas-y thing The Boy is into is the animated “Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” I put it on for him with the idea that he might sit through it once. Now we’ve been watching it on a nonstop loop for a week.

I think the animated “Grinch” has held up after multiple viewings. I’m still enjoying it. If I can help it he will never see the live action “Grinch.” Hell no, I would rather drink expired eggnog – such a terrible movie. So, The Boy really loves “Grinch,” and he is still really into the “Curious George” series, which I also think holds up after multiple viewings. I think Calvin has good taste. I didn’t think Elmo or The Wiggles were that bad. I’m sure there will come a day when he will be into something really dreadful. Or maybe Calvin doesn’t have good taste; I just have a high tolerance for crap.

Other random holiday things … Mighty, mighty good man David and I have decided that we want to create a Christmas village. Why? Because we are dorks who like to waste money and collect things. So, we bought our first building this year, and – duh – we started with the brewery.

I wish we could really brew beer in it.

I wish we could really brew beer in it.

And just in case you are wondering how nerdy can we get, I give you this photo of our Christmas Village’s first resident.


The Sith Who Stole Christmas.

Ugh. We are such goobers. Maybe I can redeem myself by talking about beer.

We have a little market down the street from us – Monterey Deli – that sells a variety of craft beer. The owner is a cool guy. We tweet to each other about beer. The other day, when David and I came in he said he had some really good beer in the back that he thought we would like. So, we bought two bottles of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, a bourbon barrel-aged stout.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, aged in bourbon barrels.

He said it was good, and he was right. It’s really good, you guys. It tastes a lot like the Fifty Fifty Brewing’s Eclipse, but for nowhere near that price. We bought two small bottles, and I believe they were about $6 each. A big bottle of Eclipse can be as much as $35. We went back to the store a few nights later, and they were sold out. If you see some Goose Island Bourbon County, grab it. It’s yummy.

Also, The Good Hop in Oakland had it on tap the other night. I drank many glasses of it, and I am not sorry.

Oh, speaking of The Good Hop, they were kind enough to serve as the location for our Holiday Party for Office Misfits. My office doesn’t have any office party, and David works from home.  Some of our friends don’t have holiday office parties, either. Some of them don’t have holiday office parties because they work as freelancers and what not. Some of our friends work in an office that has a holiday office party, but then that means you would have to socialize with your coworkers and ew, no.

Hence the Holiday Party for Office Misfits was born. We decided to host our own holiday office party at The Good Hop, because it’s a totally rad place with amazing beer. The menu was office party inspired: a deli tray, and store-bought cookies and cupcakes. Guests were responsible for their own beer, because we’re not made of money, folks. Our party coincided with The Good Hop’s Ugly Sweater night, so it was quite festive. I didn’t wear my ugly sweater, because I’m a vain asshole. I wore a pretty party dress.

I think everyone had a good time. I know I had such a good time that I didn’t take out my phone and take one single photo. If you host a party but don’t post any photos on social media, then did the party really happen? You’ll have to take my word for it, I guess.




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