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Holiday lights are pretty and other deep thoughts


Yeah, so, because we live in San Francisco, mighty, mighty good man David and I don’t know jack about the hotels here. Apparently, the hotels in San Francisco go all out during the holiday season.

We met our friends John and Julie, and their boys, Graham and Jamie, at the Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadero. They have a truly lovely set up with a huge tree, lights hanging from the ceiling and a massive Christmas Village that includes a train.

Photo by mighty, mighty good man David

Photo by mighty, mighty good man David

There was a lot to look at, so Calvin was in heaven.


Looking at the lights together.

I love the holiday season, and it was passing me by a little bit this year. I’m so glad that we met up with John and Julie and had a cocktail and checked out the festive setup. I think it’s just what I needed.

Speaking of getting into the holiday spirit, my sister Michelle bought me this bottled mulled wine last year, and after our visit to the Hyatt, I was finally feeling festive enough to open it. I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes a lot like the mulled wine I got all over Paris when we went on our honeymoon during the holiday season in 2010. She bought it at Cost Plus, so if you are in the mood for some tasty mulled wine, the Gluhwein Wintersaison German Mulled Wine is a good one. It’s super easy to make … you warm it up and drink it. Easy booze is my favorite booze.



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2 thoughts on “Holiday lights are pretty and other deep thoughts

  1. Those lights are beautiful.

  2. Easy booze is the best kind!

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