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You give me fever, too

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Yeah, so, tomorrow is chemo day, so I’m getting that overall sense dread that I always get the day before. It sucks.

I’m pleased that this will be the last of the AC part of the ACT. I have been told repeatedly that the T is easier to deal with, so … good times, I guess? I have 12 weekly doses of taxol, so I hope that’s true. The AC certainly hasn’t been awesome. Along with nausea (which I’ve been able to manage pretty well with the meds and acupuncture), hair loss, and the constant battle between constipation and diarrhea, one of the side effects I’ve been struggling the most with is the low white blood cell count.

Even though I give myself shots to boost my white blood cell count, I’m still battling germs, because I’m so afraid I’m going to end up in the hospital again. I actually limit my time out and about because I’m so paranoid. To me, everything is a germ factory … including my kid.

Calvin got a cough and a fever. Obviously, I wanted to comfort him and mother him, but I had to keep my distance. Mighty, mighty good man David snuggled with him in his bed, and I lingered outside the door. “Are you guys OK in there?” “We’re fine. Try to stay away,” David replied.

I didn’t do very well at staying away. Or, I should say Calvin didn’t do very well at staying away from me. As soon as David wasn’t looking, Calvin would be all over me and sticking his face in my face and breathing all over me. I knew I was doomed, and I was right. A cough and a fever is an interesting choice for a Mother’s Day gift. I would prefer flowers.

I infected you! Ha ha!

I infected you! Ha ha!

On Friday, I developed a nasty cough and a fever of 100.5. I’m not supposed to call Kaiser unless it hits 101. So, all day my fever sat at 100.5, taunting me. I started to worry that the fever would climb in the middle night. I didn’t want to wake up David and the kid, and make David drive me to the ER. I really didn’t want to take a cab and go to the hospital alone, either. Finally, I broke down and called in the early evening, and the doctor said that 100.5 was close enough to 101, so I should come into the ER.

My sister Michelle drove all the way from Concord to take me. She’s good people. We spent the evening chatting it up in the ER while they took my blood, gave me an IV to hydrate me, and I tried to mentally prepare myself for another hospital stay. Of course, once I got to the ER, the fever went away. Fevers are such dicks. My blood work showed that my white blood count was fine. I was so relieved when they sent me home.

The fever came back the next day, but it sat at 100.5 again all day long. I went to bed early, and the fever broke at some point in the middle of the night, because I woke up soaking wet from sweat. The fever is gone, but the cough remains. I’ve laid low all week in the hopes I can get rid of the cough before tomorrow. Dealing with chemo nausea with a cough doesn’t sound awesome to me.

Before I got the cough and fever, I tried to pretend I was a normal person and went to the movies. It’s the first time I’ve seen a movie in the theater since THE SECOND “Hobbit” movie. That’s right. The girl who used to see all the movies hadn’t seen a movie in the theater in more than a year. Oh, the humanity.

So, what movie finally got me into an actual movie theater? Good buddy Kate scored tickets to a special screening on Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck.” It doesn’t open in theaters until July, so it’s OK to be jealous. Immediately after seeing it, I posted my review on Twitter.


I stand by that review. I laughed out loud a lot. I highly recommend it. I do not think you will be disappointed.

I really miss going to the movie theater to see movies. I played my chemo card and convinced Kate to wait and watch “Pitch Perfect 2” with me. It opens tomorrow, but obviously I won’t be able to go to the theater for maybe more than a week or so. Yes, yes. Go ahead and laugh. I really liked “Pitch Perfect,” and I want to see “Pitch Perfect 2.” I’m not made of stone, people.


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One thought on “You give me fever, too

  1. I’m a breast cancer patient undergoing chemo every 3 weeks. It’s the bad taste of everything I eat now right after chemo that bothers me most about this disease. And the expense, of course.

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