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Five Guys, Sunday brunch and a zoo


Yeah, so, it’s been almost two weeks since I last blogged. My apologies.

Here’s the update: I completed the final round of AC, so I’m going to be all about the taxol for 12 weekly doses starting June 5. Jealous? I sure hope not.

This final round wasn’t an easier. I do chemo on Friday, and usually by Monday I am able to taper off some of the anti-nausea meds. By Tuesday, I’m down to just taking the occasional zofran.

This time around, I had that queasy feeling well into Wednesday, and that’s with acupuncture on Monday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, we took the acupuncture to the next level. In the past, the needles have been in my feet and calves, but due to the lingering queasy feeling, he put needles in my hands, too. That meant for 25 minutes I really had to just lie there. No screwing around on my phone. No reading some lame fashion magazine. It’s relaxing, but we do the acupuncture in the infusion center, which is the same area I receive chemo. I can hear talking and machines beeping. It reminds me chemo, and thinking about chemo makes me feel queasy. It’s hard to tune it all out. I wish it was more of a spa-like setting. Of course, I wish everything was a spa-like setting. The world would be a better place.

Other than that lingering queasiness that is now gone, this round has been uneventful, and we like uneventful. Mighty, mighty good man David is traveling for work this week, so I’m glad that I’m feeling relatively normal.

OK, enough chemo talk … We had a nice three-day weekend. On Saturday, we went to Concord to see the family. We hardly ever try to eat in restaurants with The Kid anymore, because it’s just too unpredictable. The Kid might sit down and eat, or he might wander around the restaurant, and one of us (usually David) will end up walking around the restaurant and then scarfing down cold food. This time around we had a successful lunch at Five Guys in Concord. Calvin loved it there, and we were all able to sit down and eat like normal human beings. It was pretty cool.

Lunch time.

Lunch time.

Whenever we try to bring Calvin to a restaurant in San Francisco, I feel like we get dirty looks.

“Oh great. They brought their kid.” [sigh]

It makes me feel like a dick. One of the good things about the burbs, they expect you to bring a kid, so it ain’t no thang. Calvin did really awesome and sat at the table and ate his lunch. But at one point he got out of the chair, and basically did a downward-facing dog next to the table for no reason. People didn’t even notice. There was music playing, too, so a few times The Kid got up and started dancing. Once again, people seemed totally fine with that. Of course, Calvin is a pretty good dancer, so obviously people would be cool with it.

On Sunday, we had brunch at our new friends’ house. They live just up the hill from us in a really cool place. They live in a grownup house with nice things. We’re renters with a “Star Wars” poster on the wall. HA!

Brunching buddies.

Brunching buddies.

We met our new friends, Lucy and Richard, through Calvin. Our kid and their son Albert met at preschool, and they are best buddies. Lucy and Richard were kind enough to invite us over for Sunday brunch, and we were nice enough to trash their lovely home for four hours. Aww new friendship! Next time, they can trash our place. It’s only fair.

On Monday, we went to the zoo, because that’s pretty much what we do every weekend now.

“Oh, you again.” – all the animals.

As usual, we followed Calvin’s lead throughout the zoo and did whatever he wanted. He spent some time chasing seagulls in the playground. He also discovered that the men’s restroom has a fan, and that’s pretty exciting. We stopped by the carousel. Calvin likes to look at it, but he never wants to get on it. This time, he actually stood in line and said he wanted to try it, but he chickened out. He’s getting closer to actually getting on it, though. #progress



We had a great time at the zoo, and I think Calvin wore himself out – just a little bit.


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2 thoughts on “Five Guys, Sunday brunch and a zoo

  1. That picture of Calvin staring at the MGR is hysterical. I don’t know why. And we live like literally a stone’s sling-shot from that 5 guys. I’d have come over and mooched french fries had I known you were there. Thanks for nothing.

  2. Funny story about the fries. David ordered two large fries, and I thought, “Oh that’s for him and his mom,” so without his knowledge I tacked on another large order of fries for me and Calvin to share. They handed us a paper bag filled to the top with fries! If I’d known you were nearby I would have notified you, because we couldn’t eat all those fries.

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