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Dude, where’s my hair?


Yeah, so, the taxol is leaving me with low energy, which – combined with the fact that I’m essentially a lazy person – means I’ve been sitting around on the couch watching “Orange Is The New Black” for two weeks instead of writing on my blog. Sorry about that.

Along with the depleted energy level, the other current taxol side effects are sleeplessness with hot flashes and a sensitive stomach. I’m trying all kinds of different things to make sleep happen for me. I told my acupuncturist that I was having trouble sleeping, and he put a needle in my head.


It didn’t hurt. Weird.

I only have seven more taxol treatments to go and then I will be finished with chemo. I am so over chemo. I’m ready to be done with it. My hair is over it, too. It’s growing back. On July 4th, we went to Concord to hang out with family and take The Boy swimming, and it was so hot that I decided to go wigless in public for the first time. Good buddy Kate called it my Independence (from wigs) Day.


So anyway, we were planning on staying in SF on July 4th, but Calvin took out his swim suit, handed it to David and said, “Pool?” So we packed up our stuff and spent the afternoon swimming at my sister’s place in Concord. Calvin spent four hours in the pool; mainly running and jumping into the pool to Grandma.



I watched from the sidelines, because public pools are swimming with bacteria, and it’s not wise for a chemo patient to swim in bacteria with our compromised immune systems. I was content to sip my Diet Pepsi in the shade and watch my boy throw himself into the pool.

My sister manages the tallest office building in Concord (#humblebrag). We went to the top of the building to watch the fireworks. You can see the fireworks for Concord, Martinez, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and more from up there. We thought Calvin would be scared of the fireworks, but he thought they were hilarious. He laughed really hard every time they went off. Not the reaction we were expecting, but we’ll take it.



Yesterday, good buddy Corso’s work got a luxury suite at AT&T Park, and she invited me to be her guest. Oh la la. We’re so fancy. I have been in a luxury suite at an Oakland A’s game and a Warriors game – that’s when I worked at the San Francisco Examiner. I had never been in a luxury suite at a San Francisco Giants game. The suites are, well, pretty sweet. They are stocked up with food and drinks, and they have a great view. We had an awesome time – even though the Giants lost to the Mets. It sure is fun to see how the other half lives.

Corso recently hurt her knee and is wearing a knee brace and using a cane. I’m a chemo patient. Together: We’re Giant. Ha ha! We made quite a pair.


Sweet suite view.

Also, single ladies, let me tell you once again, if you want male attention at a Giants game, wear an orange wig. Apparently, the orange wig makes me approachable. To be honest, I’m not quite comfortable with that much male attention. I certainly didn’t get that attention when I was single. Some of the attention is the gross “does the carpet match the drapes” variety, but some of it is just nice guys looking to chat up a lady. One balding gentleman asked me what my hair looks like under the wig, and I said, “Pretty much like yours.” He thought I was kidding.


I’m not comfortable going wigless all the time yet. I’m still wearing my wigs when I’m out with friends or running errands and what not. Maybe I’m working up to being that brave. Honestly, I imagined that I would be wearing wigs until my hair was closer to its original length, because I’m vain. Now, I’m feeling like I will be confident enough to go wigless when my hair is about pixie cut length. I consider that progress.


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3 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my hair?

  1. Wow! That last picture is an even better Independence From Wigs selfie! So cute!

    Also, Together: We’re Giant = Brilliant.

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