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Let him eat cake

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Yeah, so, good buddy Kate came over last night, and she brought some really tasty vegan Mexican food from Gracias Madre. With our meals, she also brought a slice of vegan chocolate cake and vegan strawberry ice cream. We divided it up into two bowls, and Calvin started doing a happy dance.

“It’s cake! It’s cake!”

That’s when it occurred to me that Calvin really hasn’t eaten a lot of cake. Maybe even no cake. He’s allergic to eggs. I’ve made him eggless cupcakes before. But every birthday party we’ve been at there’s been cake that he can’t have, and I offer him a substitute – an eggless cupcake, a cookie, etc.

“Good news, buddy. You can have some of this cake,” I told him.

I guess by “some” he thought I meant “all.” He was very insistent that the bowl be placed in front of him, and I had to sneak bites when he wasn’t looking. He was so happy.

“It’s delicious,” he repeated.

I want to be the boy with the most cake.

Interesting side note: I was letting him eat this cake at 10 p.m. Great mom or greatest mom?

And the greatest mom hits keep on coming … It was about 10:30 when Kate left, and in the interest of getting to bed without issue, I let Calvin sleep with me. I know, I know. Probably not my smartest move, but mighty, mighty good man David is traveling, and – well – there’s room in the bed, and it makes Calvin so happy.

As we were falling asleep, he rolled toward me and whispered, “The cake was delicious.”

One more story: When Kate came over, she brought her dog, Foxie. Calvin loves Foxie. She is very sweet, and she has a lot more energy than Homer. Homer is an elder statesman now. He moves slow, and he is constantly looking for a comfortable stop to take a nap. Foxie sprints around the house, and Calvin thinks she is hilarious.

At one point Foxie hopped up on the couch and kinda rolled around, then hopped down and ran off. There was a little bit of fur on the couch where she was rolling.

Calvin saw it and pointed at it: “Oh no! She’s broken.”

Strangely, I don’t have a photo of Foxie, so you’ll just have to look at this drawing Kate did for Calvin of Foxie and Homer last time she babysat.




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