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Opportunity knock(er)s


Yeah, so, I’m getting my new knockers on tomorrow.

I’m never excited about going under the knife, but I am excited about the idea of being finished with surgery for a long time. This is the last one, you guys. After this I’m done DONE.

I have been feeling so good lately. My energy is pretty much back to normal. And while I still don’t really look like my usual self (my eyebrows are FINALLY starting to grow in), I’m feeling more like my usual self. It might be difficult to go back to sitting on Recovery Island, but I think the valium they prescribe will help. Ha! Also, I have been saving the new season of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” on Netflix, so I have that going for me.


Oh man, I can’t wait for this surgery to be over with. I have all kinds of tops and dresses that I haven’t been able to wear since the mastectomy in January. Not to mention, this really will be the first time since I got pregnant in 2011 that my boobs will be same size. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s true. When I got pregnant I had already had a mastectomy on the left side — that means the fake left side stayed the same size while the real right boob got huge during pregnancy. After Calvin was born, the right side eventually got smaller, but it was never same. I’ve been walking around with an uneven rack ever since. So, after this surgery, for the first time in more than 4 years, my boobs will be the same size. I’ll be living the dream. Wheeeee!


Mighty, mighty good boy Calvin is going to hang with my parents through the weekend while I recover. Hanging out with Grandma is way more fun that hanging out with Mommy while she’s high on pain killers … I think. Mighty, mighty good dog Homer is staying with me. He’s my recovery animal. I need him.


So anyway, I’m reporting to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. The surgery is about two hours (an hour for each boob perhaps?), and I should be home sitting on my fat ass at home before 1 p.m. So, if you want to send me your good vibes and positive thoughts on Thursday, I will gladly accept them.


Author: The Sonia Show

I'm a writer/podcaster/mother/goober in San Francisco who likes to drink beer, shop, laugh and make other people laugh, watch old movies, feed my unhealthy obsession with pop culture, kick breast cancer's ass, go on adventures with my mighty, mighty good man David and my awesome autistic son, Calvin, wear orange and root for the San Francisco Giants, participate in general jackass-ery, talk about TV, eavesdrop on strangers' conversations, make nerdy “Star Wars” and “Simpsons” references, and post personal things about myself on the web for all to read, which makes me some sort of literary exhibitionist.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity knock(er)s

  1. ~good vibes~
    Hope you have a speedy recovery, dude! Enjoy those drugs.

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