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6 More Things I’m Loving Right Now

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Yeah, so, let’s keep the positivity train rolling. Here are six things I’m lovin’ this week.

Rail Hot Spots: A True Train Watching Experience

Speaking of trains, mighty, mighty good boy Calvin loves trains. He loses his mind for them. He loves them so much he actually enjoys riding BART. He watches “Thomas & Friends” and “Chuggington” – all the train staples for kids.

The other day, he asked mighty, mighty good man David if he could watch something with trains, so David did a search on Amazon Prime and found “Rail Hot Spots.” It’s an hour and 15 minutes of nothing but trains. There’s no voice over, no music – just real footage of trains chugging by. It’s kinda awesome and relaxing.

The other night, Calvin asked if he could watch it on his iPad in bed. Twenty minutes later, he was asleep. I’m debating watching it before bed, too. I’d like to fall asleep 20 minutes after climbing into bed. I’ll give it a try and report back.

Shirley MacLaine’s hair in “The Apartment”

Have you seen 1960’s “The Apartment” starring Jack Lemon and Shirley MacLaine? If you haven’t, watch it right now. I’ll wait right here.

There. Aren’t you glad you saw it? It’s so great. I was watching it the other night again on TCM, and I was coveting Shirley MacLaine’s hair.


Shirley MacLaine is THE CUTEST in “The Apartment.”

I think it’s my new hair goal. I just need my hangs to grow out. Grow, hair, GROW!

Cacao Tea

I received this Tisano cacao tea as a gift, and it’s so tasty. It’s got a nice chocolate taste, but it’s not too sweet. Plus, it’s not bad for me – no fat, no calories. There’s caffeine so I don’t drink it at night, but it’s a perfect afternoon delight. Hee hee. I said, “afternoon delight.”

Angie Tribeca

We’ve been watching this TBS comedy On Demand with no commercials. It’s a great way to spend 21 minutes. It’s a spoof of cop shows such as “Law & Order: SVU” and all the “CSI” shows. I’ve read a few reviews that compare it to “The Naked Gun” and its sitcom origin, “Police Squad.” The comparison is spot on. It also reminds me of the TV series “Sledgehammer.”

It’s really funny, and the short running time makes it a big hit in this house. Sometimes, we just want to watch a little something. We don’t want to devote an hour for a show or longer for a movie. Plus, it’s mindless and light. When we are done watching it we’re not pissed off about something (a common problem with shows like “Last Week Tonight” or “The Daily Show”) or depressed (pretty much every one-hour drama).

This Photo


I was going through some boxes over the weekend and found this photo. It’s amazing, right? I’m on the far left. Check out my fabulous cleavage. That’s back when my boob and I were still friends, before they tried to kill me.

Anyway, I posted this on Facebook over the weekend, and I had some explaining to do. This photo was taken in 2002-2003 (I think) at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. We were in Las Vegas for good buddy Micaela’s bachelorette party, and I believe we were all more than a little drunk when this photo was taken. Duh.

2015 Eclipse by Fifty Fifty Brewing

It’s so good, you guys. We have been big fans of this beer for years. No doubt the Eclipse will be making an appearance on our podcast, Old Movies, New Beer. The other night we opened the 2015 Eclipse Woodford Reserve (with the blue wax top). It’s pricey – about $30 a bottle, but it’s worth it.

It’s simply the best.


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