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Painted love

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Yeah, so, in my continuing effort to get involved in more creative activities instead of just sitting around looking at social media channels to see what creative activities other people are doing, I went to my first-ever Paint Nite.

My sister Michelle and oldest friend Amanda suggested it, and – well – I couldn’t say no, because painting = creating. Also, they told me there was going to be booze, and I like booze.

I am sure I painted when I was a kid, and I painted a room once, but I’ve never painted on a canvas. I can’t even draw. Remember that time I was drawing with Calvin to entertain him?


Those are supposed to be squirrels … STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

My artistic ability is, ummm, questionable, so I was quite dubious of how my painting would turn out. However, I never walk into any new activity and assume I will be instantly good at it. All activities require practice and skill. Painting was no exception. I won’t be quitting my day job to become a full-time painter. However, I did have a really good time.

Bonus points for Paint Nite: It’s relaxing. You guys, painting is relaxing! For just a little while I didn’t think about anything else. I was just trying not to screw up my painting. I wanted to paint something that I wouldn’t be completely ashamed to show people.

Check it and see. We are totally artists now.

This is what we were supposed to paint.

This is what we were supposed to paint.


Michelle added lights to her Bay Bridge and buildings.


Amanda hella hearts Oakland.


Kate did her own thing, because she’s a rebel and doesn’t care for your rules!


I’m totally lame and tried to make mine look like the example. #goober


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