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Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good man David is traveling for work again this week, so The Boy and I are on our own. He’s my buddy. My buddy. Everywhere I go, he goes. My buddy.


We have the same haircut.

On Sunday, we went for a hike through Glen Park Canyon with good buddy Kate and her dog, Foxie, who is Calvin’s favorite. I made the mistake of mentioning on Saturday that we would be seeing Foxie on Sunday. I spent the rest of Saturday explaining he was seeing Foxie on Sunday. It was pretty much this.

We had a good time on the hike. Glen Park Canyon is really great. The trail is as easy or complicated as you choose to make it. Sometimes, Calvin chooses to make it complicated.


Photo by good buddy Kate

On Monday, with my babysitter husband out of town, I had to bring Calvin with me to my hair appointment. Every six or seven weeks I get my hair cut and colored with my sister Michelle, my niece Lorelei and one of my oldest friends Amanda. After our appointment, we go out to dinner, where I usually drink too much wine, and then drunken snap selfies of my new ‘do while I ride home on BART. It’s the best.

Hanging out a hair salon with a bunch of chicks isn’t exactly Calvin’s idea of a good time, but he made the best of it.

After being such a good sport at the hair salon, he was rewarded with a milkshake, or as he likes to say, “I’m drinking ice cream.” Plus, he got to hang out with Lorelei, and that’s pretty rad.




I’m trying to braver about taking Calvin to restaurants. I get so worried about ruining people’s meals if he starts acting out. By “acting out” I mean he won’t sit down. He starts wandering the restaurant and even tries to go into the kitchen because he knows there’s something cool to watch going on back there. He’s not wrong. This time, he was pretty good. We sat outside, but there were ceiling fans inside. OMG CEILING FANS, you guys! He spent most of his time watching the fans through the window like a little creeper. I’m sure the patrons didn’t mind. “Why is that kid watching me eat?”

Peeping Calvin.

Peeping Calvin.

We have also been watching “Finding Nemo” together. It’s such a good movie – waaay better than “Finding Dory.” (I reviewed “Finding Dory” on Dorking Out – you should listen). He randomly says, “Shark bait. Oooh ha ha! He even loves the end credits song, which is “Beyond The Sea” by Robbie Williams. It has replaced the “Cars” soundtrack as his go-to music while driving to and from school. I’m not mad about it. I kinda like it. I’m just stoked he’s not into Justin Bieber or country music.

When David travels I also like to bake a treat with Calvin. He’s getting really good at stirring everything together … and licking the spoon. This time we made peanut butter cookies from a vegan cookbook. Sadly, they didn’t turn out as good as I hoped, but they were still pretty OK. Calvin didn’t have any complaints.


We are downright giddy that David comes home this afternoon. I’m not just excited because that means we can finish watching “Stranger Things.” I really miss him when he is gone, and I know Calvin does, too.






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